It seems to me that I've developed a vaginal smell fetish, which I search everytime I get into a sexual session, and it wouldn't take a mild aroma to get me horny, the fishy, really offensive one rather...What do you say about it, buddies ? ;-)

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That is very strange. However, i find these kinds of things quite interesting. Alot of men are attracted to the sweet aroma of a womans body or even the natural stinch, but calm smell that all women have. Do whatever floats yout boat.
i love the smell of vagina, I love eating and pleasing:) it is totally natural!
Why so strange, if its that interesting ? Yeah, I feel that, when it comes to sexual pleasure, its not only derived from the mundane fornication, from the heat, sweat, genital aroma that the couple exchange, no ? But, I tell you that all women don't have the same vaginal aroma, even if washed, shaved & clean...some are lighter, some very pungent, some even a bit offensive...
Well, that is your natural response. If you like the smell, then go for it. Just don't hurt girls , okey. Some guys really do love vaginal smell, it's natural. Just don't be too obsessed about it.But, to tell you frankly the normal smell, is actually not too fishy.


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