my girlfriend really hates herself. Shes the most beautiful, smart and caring girl i have ever met and she is so so sweet. When i tell her this she tells me to stop telling her lies and calls me a liar. it hurts me so bad. she hates the way she looks, calls herself stupid and asks me why do i even stay with her? we've been together for 4 months and i really really care about her so much. She also tells me that we've been fading for about 2 months now, i'm getting more and more to liking her and shes starting to become bored. she blames everything on herself too, shes sop harsh on herself. help me!

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Show her how much you care about her, let her know how beautiful she is to you. Tell her that she shouldnt do that to herself, because she might get over and kill herself. So show her that yall can be more if she learns to love herself because hoe can she love you if she doesnt love herself.
Your girlfriend has so many insecurities. Can't she be contented?! Why don't you confront her? Explain to her... Why would you have her if she's not special and beautiful? Other girls just dream of having someone who could appreciate them and they don't have one... Tell her that! Those insecurities has a reason and she might be keeping it from you... I am aware that some people have insecurities but as long as someone is there who appreciates and compliments you, those imperfections and flaws don't matter.
i was once like that but my ex told me i was beautiful and that he loved me for me not for who i wanted to be it really helped me to become a confident person that i am today . from claire
Actually it really within her, that she cannot accept what she have, she dont see because she dont want to look, she is always wanting for something or someone elses, i may suggest bring her to a very relaxing place and a beautiful one, and a peacefull, like a town, with all you can see is all natural beauty, then after doing that tell her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world, and tell her also what you dont like about her, and share with her what you dont like with yourself as well, then give her time to think like a week or a month all by herself, after that you will know what really is matter with her. Good luck.
I think you are really a liar. Are you sure that she is your girlfriend?
Guy, every girl like compliment, so continue to give it to her. just add humor to your relationship to make her laugh
First off, if she doesn't like it when you tell her these things you should write her a letter telling her how much you care about her. Tell her to stop denying all the good things about herself. Eventually she's going to want to commit suicide, and that won't help. (experience) Besides, you never know..maybe she's doing that just to fish some compliments. I've heard stories about girls doing that just to hear their boyfriend--or a boy they like--tell them they're beautiful. If she says you guys are starting to fade, try and do something spontaneous. You never know what she's thinking. Who knows, maybe she'll start to have doubts.
I was like her at one point. Just always remind her WHY you love her. Tell her it hurts that she calls you a liar because you would never lie to her and she should know that. If you really love her you wont give up on her.
That sounds similar to what i was experiencing, except in my relationship i am the one who is harsh on herself. She is going through a phase of depression. She feels inferior, and needs to get her self-esteem back up. You need to sit and talk to her. Tell her that it would mean a lot to you if she listened to you>
tell her you love her everyday ,every morning ,everynight , support her everyday with anything ,and buy her beautfiul stuff like stuff with i love u on it or write things for her explaining how beautfuil she is , oh another thing when shes talking to you just randomly say to her 'you look so beautiful' and she will blush like never before xxxx
hmm..cguro..kelangan nia ng tym para makapg icp..give her a my opinion lng nman..mlay mu bka marealize dn nia n mali xa..u hav 2 prove her wrong..



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