I read a book about angels there are good ones and bad ones; however fallen ones to why if the book of god said they were his. Because i wish i was there hugging the beauty of life and kissing the fruit of love (angel) Feeling the greatness of great.  Many countries marry there young ones, why will anyone do that however I understand them it’s because of how they were brought up……. wow. Cows, lands some kind of gain. Wow…It’s knowing in the heart missing and not knowing were someone is.

Like me. In this neither case counties should neither matter nor things about gain. Love is under minded in many ways. My loving mom would say why did I want to meet different women and it was because I was looking for an answer of love within. it’s something that people don't see ... took me a long time to understand even to the point of being hurt ... We the people blinded and scared of knowing. So I went out the box I ask women what’s in the most import ants in there willing to find a good man well its money a good car and a home I said wow! What if I was not will being. Then my thoughts were I was looking for the same thing well it shouldn’t be money or a car and a house it should be an understanding of both. In the bible it said a woman makes a good man to bring and to have all those things so I’m not lost in any way. Many hearts in this world bitch about love and that they can’t find someone.  Maybe we have not looked in the right place nor have we understood. Like me I have met a girl across the world however we talk but life, we may and may not meet but her heart is in the right place which she wants to be happy never asks for anything and now I know why it’s that there not looking for money but to have a better living. However because I have trusting problems she is a big part of my life and a good friend. She always pushing and pushing me to keep trying to see out there. Feeling the kindness and love however I know that there are good people out there why doesn’t anyone feel that way here. Where…… well that’s why lesson learned I will wait till god give me the path and a good person that feels the same as me. Thanks Alma……….......

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Thank you, there is many things people don't see. if you like reading more this is my web site to read more...... and my yahoo is
the site is not valid.
Hello cydie,

I'm glad that you have been reading some of my word, however what site were you talking about both work fine
Thanks, carlos



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