I am in a more than 1 year relationship, in this 1 year we have different arguments with my boyfriend. I can't blame him to mad at me 'coz I know I am also sometimes weird, or unpredictable attitudes that I eventually show up to him. I easily got mad and bored that's why. But he understands for that matter. The only thing that I hate about him is that, he always denied for all his wrong doings. I caught him texted another girl. He told to that girl is "are you busy? can we meet today?" ..But before that, my boyfriend asked me to go out but I refused him, so I think he assured that we don't meet that time. But I surprised him in their house, I go there. But I am the one who surprised because I caught him with another girl. He asked forgiveness, I forgive him. He asked one more chance, I gave. But still he cheated me again...not only once but thrice. Help me if I still continue my relationship with him or I stop it now..Thank you..I wait for the response..

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Once a cheater always a cheater , girl find yourself a man that treats you like a princess when i am crying on the phone with my fiance he drops everything whether its a video game , hanging with his boys and he will come to me and comfort me ! find a guy who tell you he loves you first ! girl in all reality find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated , LIKE A WOMAN !

Once a cheater, always a cheater. The instincts pop up from no where.. Its high time you dump him.

don't be so cruel.....

may be some of your thing hurts him a lot.

try to get those things, or ask him what really hurts him....

two things can happen....

1. if just explain every thing..... that's great....

1. if he ignores that means you should have more convincing power .

leaving a relationship never has been a good decision. try to make everything clear, even if you wanted to leave him. 

Do you really enjoy getting cheated on? People that enjoy getting cheated on or at least don't care usually are the same ones that cheat as well. The first chance was enough for him if you keep giving him chance after chance he thinks it's ok and he can keep doing it. Know your self worth!!!! But also know you deserve better, don't keep putting up with his shit, end your relationship with him. When one door closes another will open just be patient and focus on yourself more and know what your worth and never settle for less. good luck

(I am also a guy got cheated by my girl for almost 15 times, but i cant resist myself i cant hold my resistance on, slowly and unknowingly i will be back on her way, from then the same old story starts repeat, she cheats me again and again with n number of boy friends, its enough let us discuss my story later) I agree with all those who suggested jhenyfer to be away with the guy who cheated her, cause that is not the first time he cheated..... how many of the people support when i say its not that easy to forget the one we loved i've been in that for 2 years and still struggling to forget... i can feel the incompleteness of my heart. still i fell like my mobile is ringing but its not her.. i would be thinking that she would have messaged me cause of the message alert sound but she will not..

in the same way

calling bell

car horn


long drives

and many more in relevant to the above mentioned thing,

As all of us know its so easy to remember them and its hard to miss them so after all of those was done our mind plays all our sweat memories and switch our mind and puts a question what would he/she be doing at this time when i am thinking about him/her... in according to that 

intended to say lot more but i'm busy sorry as of now,

try to change the one you like the most..

show him/her your care, love, concern repeatedly even if he/she missuses that show them again n again...

true love always stands....

when she/he is going wrong try to drag him the way you want to see him....

leaving a relation for the wrong done by she/him is such a foolish thing...

and if you be the same you also can never and ever can stick to single relation....

no one is perfect every one is unbalanced...






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