im inlove to a man right now who is not inlove with me.. which infact who has a girlfriend. on the other side i have a cheater boyfriend who i thought i could not live without until now where still together. i love him and i dont love him. i love him as a friend thats why i want him to stick with me and i dont love him as a lover. i really want that man to be mine but his taken..:( and im taken but im  not inlove.. tell me what i should do? im confused..:'(

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you dont sound in love... if you were the questions should be easy to answer.  thats too much drama for one heart, one love to handle.  Its confusion.  Love is not confused.  Its sure.  As much as you want someone sometimes it is not going to happen.  Staying like this will not make changes for the better, so you have to decide to stay in these complicated affairs or change it for the better. 


Should you decide to change it it is when things as much as they hurt will get better.  There is 3 things in love that is meant to happen when it is not true love, the decision to brake up, the hurt and pain from the absences of that person, and the recovery of moving on.  The second thing is the worse, because its all about the emotion, the last thing is the hardest because you have to live in the times of the absence of this person...but I always say when you loose something you make room for something better...


Hope that makes sense...



I agree with LR it just sounds like too much drama.


You may be in love with this guy but at the end of the day, he has someone else. I can tell you from experience that one of the worst things you can do is to pursue him. All there is down that road is heartache and guilt. I just now got completely over it and it happened almost two years ago.


If you don't love your boyfriend, love him enough to let him go and to find someone else. Be single and find the right guy for you.

i totally agree with u Andreas, he has some one lese and he will not leave his girl for you,u need to move on , if he really wants you he wud be with you,but he is with his girl



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