wat can u say?does it really hurt a guy wen he discovers that hes not the first in ur life?he loves u,but does it really bothers him, or his EGO hurts a lot?hmnnnn....wat do u think?

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Hi dimples,

well it depends on how you met, and how he knows you, in a relatinoship always be true even if it starting or ending.

"honesty is the best policy"

some guys treasure the virginity of their girl because mainly they looking at the girl to be theirs forever, some just want to boost their machismo image, some are just wanna experience it, but one things for sure, if they found out that they got you the first time, they will never ever forget you in their whole life.

But always, if the guys truly loves you he will not bother if he is the first, as long as he will be the last.

i agree wit u too

if he really loves you he will accept that no matter wat..but if not it will really bothers him :)

hoLa dimpLe!

it depends to a type of guy...but if a guy really loves you, he will never bother and he will never measure the realationship u have through virginity...

but if U really lost ur virginity its better to tell him the truth or otherwise he will think negative against ur personality...

take care!
Hi Dimples!

I think it it really depends on the guy's age and how much experience he's had in the past. It also depends on if he's used to just sleeping around or if he's been committed and been in long-term relationships. Most guys understand that for a woman to lose her virginity, it's a big deal; it should be special and memorable. However, there is a small percentage of guys who don't care and just want to get in your pants.

A man should not judge you on if you are a virgin or not. It's YOUR body and it's your decision to remain one or not.
hey dimple..
being a boy myself.. i would say yes virginity does play a important role in every relationship.. as for me i would love my gurl to be a virgin.. love can take shape in any form.. i dont think any guy falling in love for the first time would like his love to not to be a virgin.. its said some gurls goes beyond the limit of virginity...sotimes even if you not a virgin and the boy is he feel unsafe and he will be having 2 minds during his relations.. so thats all i can say my frd...be true in your relations.never play wiht a guys feelings.. even we men have a heart
never play with a guy's feelings.. unfair.

guys play with girl's.

sorri im still kinda bitter in a way and your post just bothered me a bit.

no offense!
girls plays.. boys plays....that will never change.ppl just in continuous search of better choice..guys who manipulate girls knows they can get you..by showing their charm to the extreme..or girls get impressed and switch over and leaves boys abandoned...if same thing happens to them they become wild cats...why every time he has to love you.. why he has to keep your trust..why cant you try to give him a love and keep his trust one who have rather than just keep messing with other guys jst to try them ..if you have him.. make it happen....its just about keeping trust ....
as you said
no offense!

Love GURU _____

Bro u are talking nonsense.. If you truly really love some one with your full heart on her. it will never matter.. 

it will matter...and it shud...
its the character of the gurl...

if the guy is a virgin...he wud definately want a virgin gurl...

and morals do play a role..man! we r humans...good wud want good.
Hmmm, it depend, if he loves you alot, there should be no cause for him to be mad, he just have to accept the fact that its by gone and concentrate on the future



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