wat can u say?does it really hurt a guy wen he discovers that hes not the first in ur life?he loves u,but does it really bothers him, or his EGO hurts a lot?hmnnnn....wat do u think?

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it cn go both da way......if ur bf is broad minded....he wl undrstnd dat ppl hav past.....bt if he isnt thn dis thng mght bug him.....bt i wud say b honest....in dis way u cn figure out if ur guy is dat guy who wl except u for who u r :D

Hi Dimp! Well my opinion is still depends on your partner, there are guys that are not really into Virginity. We are in a modern Generation no a days yet there are guys who still lives in a cultural way. Some of them really matters the virginity, that means if your BF is like a conservative one that only means that he respects you being a woman. You know what matters now is not our pass with our previous relationship. If your partner really loves you, he will accept who ever you are, what ever you've been through in your pass relationship. =)

your right girl

some guys really mattered to the virginity of a girl but if the guy really loves you he will accept your past .dont worry girl I'm also experiencing what you feel right now.

hi dimples :) i agree with her, well sex is just an add on to love. this should not be the biggest factor to consider in the first place. who cares if his not the first, what matters most is you love each other..

iwanna marry a virgin woman :(  please be a virgin for me

Gals please get married first before u give up u'r virginity. It is more acceptable :)

I think so,. some guys are so egotistic.they want virgin for them selves but they cant present themselves the same way...

it really hurts

i think it hurts his ego that much...

but oftentimes it depends on how open-minded a guy is...he should bare in mind that before he came, u already had life..

bottom line is, if he is truly in love with u...virginity doesn't matter!.just like, height isn't a matter, age isn't a matter too...

theres a diffrnce between height and age...and virginity...

where atsum point in life...evn things as age also matter...

virginity is important..
its ur purity.....ur grace...ur desency
its good to care....to knw tht the gurl can easily give away her purity to a guy whom she chucks later...should hurt..

u shud think b4 selecting a gurl.



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