wat can u say?does it really hurt a guy wen he discovers that hes not the first in ur life?he loves u,but does it really bothers him, or his EGO hurts a lot?hmnnnn....wat do u think?

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I dontt think so with all boys it matters..but meyb with some...but they have to understand....if thry really love u
why guys have to be open minded..why cant girls stop narrow minded and stop spreading their legs
why guys have to be open minded..why cant girls stop narrow minded and stop spreading their legs
yes it bothers, who ever it is
Ummm seriously, it materz. It shudnt if the guy really loves u, but it stil does.. If i foundout my grl slept wid some other guy, i wil leave her. Pretty simple. she isnt going to lose it to me either cuz i dnt lust for her...
On the other hand, if it was in some sort of acidnt as in rape cases, da guy just mite acept her.
yes but i think if she love the girl he can accept everything...whats important is the present not the past
i think it really matters......... because its a big depride on their part.
hi dimple

ya itsimp for guys for satisfying their ego. But he realy loves u dn he shold not make dis thing so imp bcoz acc to me girl might b did this under emotion of love but guys always do intensionaly to satisfy theirphysical needs.infct u should hv right to ask dt is he lost virginity or nt?

Now we are in new age, think of this first is there assurance that the guy will love you forever if he is the first who got you, many case now that, man sometimes like virgins but after all their love fades or just expirience it to say Im the first!, but there are man who met a girl whose even working in a bar or been a prostitute but they love much... so it dosent matter at all now.... Just say the truth, and if the man will love you, he will accept you for who you are or what you are with their whole heart.....
yes it does
it depends on the guy....but if the guy loves the girl, he must accept her what she have and what she is
as of today...some were not virgin anymore
guy had an ego..they never accept that they were not the first...
wat if guy loves you so much and still he is sleeping with other girls...will you be open minded....why guys have to be open minded..why cant girls be narrow minded and stop spreading their legs



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