i love girl , and she love me also...we faced many problems together day after day we love other more than days befor..... but suddenly she left me

she told me i still love you but i cant

i dont know how can i live without her? it's about year from the last time we got together but i didnt feal alive.... i want to ask can i try to speek to her or it's over ?

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you should try to get her to explain to you why she broke up with and also tell her that it's better when everything is understood and out in the open instead of it being complicated
Don't stop trying. If you think it is true love and you really don't want to give up on her than don't. It can't hurt anything to put it all out there, right? Good luck, Khaled.

It is hard to say good bye to what your heart pulls at.  I am in love with someone and my heart can't let her go.  She says the same thing.  We talk brake up but it is  because we are fustrated deeply at the time we feel this.  The fustration gets very deep and then after we stop talking for a moment we realize we can't let eachother go.  We realize the bottom line is being together is more important then this fustration, and that it will pass.

If she let you go it must of been for a strong reason.  Respect her for it.  I think you should speak and ask her is it really over?  Selfishness and stubborness has no room in togetherness.

You will never rest inside if you dont know the truth and understand it.  Take it very very slow...no matter what the answer is.


Good love,


Just meet her again, if she respond positively, then try to make up your love again and if she is showing no interest in you, then, you also forget her, and find a new friend for u.

Talk things over with her. She loves you, then hold on to those words. There should be one reason why she can't, and she needs you there,

Let her know that your there for here, to do things, the way two couples/sweethearts do.

speak ur mind

well wether you are to pursue or to give up, you are still right.

i guess follow what your heart is saying and everything will be turning good...

try to move on.............

its not the end of the world..................

be strong.......


Try to be strong okay...... and please move on... spare you both the pain her to say no once again...... it broke my heart to see my ex (out more than two years now) again and to have see in his eyes that he still had feelings for me..... to say no i love you but not in that way anymore.... i hate it to brake his heart and at the point of the brake up i felt so bad and shed a few tears, but i knew this was the best for him and myself. How do you explain to the person that his perfect in all the ways but maybe you were just intend to be friends..... its not always easy to explain why you broke up with a person, some might think you just using excuses, some might not actually believe the reason why, others may be mad at you BUT WHAT THEY DONT SEE is the fact that it hurts you even more to hurt a person who dont deserve to be hurt, it braked my hurt, but in the end i had to do what was best for us both and be true to me and him.... Khaled i suggest you let her go and if she comes back you were ment to be but as for now take it day by day and do something to distract your thought and give time....

Good luck*

of all the answers here, this is the most sound. Sometimes you have to be honest with other person.  I had to do the same thing let someone go even though they were a great person and loved me so.  We are so much better as friends.  But still she wanted to the way it was.  It was hard too to confess to this person that I loved them but not that way any more.  It was hard to confess also that they were perfect but inside me I needed something else.   In this case they do see my hurt for letting them go because I could not hold back tears every time to explain it.  They truely dont deserve to be hurt this way, but it is the best for the both of us.  Because inevitable I would of done something to hurt them worse and nothing would fall right in the end.  It does get hard to see the person after so long that they still have feelings for you even when you hear it on the phone.


Let her go and move on, as hard as it seems.   It is truely the best suggestion.  Take your time it will past away and prepare you heart for someone else.


Take care...



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