i have a girlfriend..weve been together for only five months...but i know to my self that i love her so much..
she knows my family so well already...but i never got a chance to meet her family as well....every time i sned him a comment on her friendster account..she always declined to post it...every time were together...shes not even sweet.....she dont have our photos together on her wallet....she dont even introduce me to her friends....i want to work with her..but she always told me that she dont like to..she dont want to meet my friends either....she never showed sweetness if we were in a public places..or if somebody see us....i understand that our relationship is so complicated..because its a girl to girl relationship...but never i let her feel that way...i always been proud to be with her all the time....i feel like...she loves me..but not enough..to let other people know about our so called complicated relationship..

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Many of us dont have the same way as you think, maybe she is just afraid of what others will tell her about you, maybe she is just afraid that other people will give him comments and most probably a bad one, just talk to her and work things out, if she is not comfortable let her understand that what you are doing to her is pure love, and if she really dont want to show it in public dont froce her too, understand also her feelings, as long as she is still with you and you still feel her love.
yes..i know that...but sometimes....it hurts to know that..ur love cant even fight for u....nor cant even show to everyone's around u..the love that u have for each other....
well maybe she is just afraid of what others will tell about you especially bad comments or something like that...the problem with her is that she's a coward (just like me) if she really loves you then she have no reasons to be afraid of something
thanks...it seems like.everyone do have the same perception on this..lol.
i guess ur girlfriend and i have the same situation...
but i realize that i dont need to hide him to my friends or other people...
bcoz i didnt know that im hurting his feelings...
you need to confront her or ask her..why she do those things..
and ask her if she really loves you...
because if she loves you, she wont matter what other people and her friends would say...
"She need to accept what you have and what you are"
that was love all means...
maybe her love for you is not that strong and maybe she still value the term DICADEZA,,
Iam afraid, if she has a Love of u, why she cn't express,and if she realy loves u then i think she is in some prblem?
Iam afraid, if she has a Love of u, why she cn't express,and if she realy loves u then i think she is in some prblem?
sorry man but you can never know where agirl heart belongs.
thanks guys..but as u can see..i posted this message.for .quite sometym now..and sad to say..the person i used to be with .is no longer m partner now...im currently in a relationship now..with the person who's willing to show to everyone how much he lov es me...and for that..i realized that in spite of everything...i still deserve to be love.....



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