is it necessary to hav sex??

can we just stay virgin all our livez?

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I find it very interesting that you hate sex. Is there a reason why you do? And sure you can stay a virgin all your life if you want to. Probably a smart choice if you dont wnna have kids or get std's iv never met anyone who wanted to stay a virgin all there life.i say theres nothing wrong with that.too bad more people arent like you

the thing is...i just hate it...i find it yuk nd disgusting!!!

only sumone stupid wud compare sex with love...i is beautiful..nd sex is ugly!

wats in a body? everyone has it.

nd wats with those parts!?!?...i mean..its lyk..i wud rather eat sh-t than hav sex!!!...

and u can hav kids if u r a virgin too..ryt? not everyone has sex!
its not cz i m afraid of stdz or being pregnant...

its ruins ur purity..nd divinity...nd ur grace...i think.

well you can stay a virgin if you want to. im glad your not scared of stds and pregnancy but sex is not really necessary...alot of people find it enjoyable but others not so much...but you are the only person iv met who doesnt like it.and your right sex ruins your purity but its nothing to be ashamed of.and love is a beautiful thing and sex is just something some people find fun to do with there partners its plasing and it feels good to them.and i mean if you dont wnna have sex then you can adopt or i think there is a place that takes the sperm and puts it with the egg so im assuming in that process you wouldnt loose your virginity.but if more people were like you there would be less teenage pregnancys.way to go stay pure.

in here...not everyonre has u dun always need to adopt or get sperms tht way...u can get kids naturally too...

thanks for ur reply...i needed it..:) i m glad for ur help!
i mean theres nothing so special in it...nd it dsnt give happiness either...its just tht u feel bad for ur future partner if u lost it foer sumone who wont b with u for the rest of ur life....

nd i dnt lyk having a sight like tht and then think tht way for other ppl 2.

i mean, sex iz yuck!



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