i really love her but she's already in a relationship. We are very close to each other just like a couple but we r just frnds. When our frndship was started, she had a crush on me and thn she strtd liking me bt slowly slowly she strtd fallen for someone else and i strtd fallen for her...bt wat to do nw :'(

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I can understand your problem dear because I am in same situation but I am the girl who love some one else and my best frnd is fallen in love with me and I dont want leave him bcus he is my best frnd, I am in dillema what to do, but I think we both will soon find some solution for same..

with Love

A gal in city

ohhh! ya i hope we'll find some solution bt i want her with me as my girl as well as my bst frnd..:/

but I can tell as I m on the place of that girl who love someone else and my best frnd loves so I can tell you that never force her for your love, because she may get some guilt from her side and she can go to depression  and I think you dont like it. Just be with her in any situation never leave her alone. Might be some day she starts loving you, :) 

It happened to me to and i did the wrong thing I didnt tell him that i loved him and now I have to see him with her every day and it hurts. You NEED  to tell her!!!

Hi Rishabh!

Falling in-love with your bestfriend is a hard thing. It's a risk. You have to chose, are you going to stay friends with her or are you going to tell her you love her?

It's sad that she has fallen inlove with somebody else, but remember that you will always have a special place in her life/heart.

I'm not saying that you ruin her relationship (with the other guy) but, it's either you keep quiet and not tell her how you really feel about her and not knowing what she really feels for you OR sum up all your courage, tell her how you feel and accept whatever the outcome is.

I used to be in the same situation as you are, I chose to take the risk. I told him i love him, now we're no longer "just" friends...we"re getting married next year.=)



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