im sooooo... wat we call.... "INSECURED"...

my boyfriend has a dance group in our city namely OYPA [Ozamiz Youth Performing Arts]... In this dance group, they have a gay instructor. My boyfriend and his gay instructor are quite good friends and textmates as well. One day, during a date with my boyfriend, this "gay instructor" texted him calling him "yabz" which means "boyfriend/girlfriend" in English. I was confused. My boyfriend said that its just a joke of their instructor. But, that didn't made me quite comfortable. Another day of our date, their instructor called him... I asked my boyfriend if i can answer it. Then he said, " you can see for yourself if i am really honest".. i answered the call and said a warm "hello"... then suddenly the caller hanged. i was confused why did she/he hang it.!? woooah. its really gettin' in my nerves... i am in doubt with it hmmmm... advice pls.!?

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◘..exxage fuwd ca bash yu rilli LURVE him ??..if yu do,yu shud trust him..ya think mupatuL sha ug mga bongGAYshus??.di man guru..cguru ga jowk ra juwd 2 sha,,exxage caii ca..
hehehe.....who knows.....:-)



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