Why are guys so confusing. My boyfriend is
weird I am a beautiful woman.I work hard I
take care of him and the house. Why is he so
stand offish. I'm lost in love. I donot understand

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:D maybe he has someone else you know when a boy is getting cold it only means one thing he has someone else or he's dead coz you know dead people get old even dead women :) joke
girl the only way to know if your man really means what he says is if he shows it and he does it. you just keep doing what you are and if it dont feel right than trust me you will know
First thing... Girlfriend just stop being his mother! Youre taking care of him, running the household... hes SO fotunate of having a girlfriend who's watching out for him. Let him do this for you instead. He dont have any worries in the world cause he has you with no responsibilities left for himself... I believe youre doing this for the sake of love, but girl you should make sure that he aint just using you and that he only sees you as the one who makes life easier for him. No girl is supposed to "grow" a man. Let him take responsibility for you, take care of you not the opposite. Does he loves you enough to do so? or are he just in a comfort zone?
communication understanding and trust and being faithful and comparability are 5 things i see is very important in a relationship

woooh.. girl, why are you doing that to yourself? because you're in love with this person? or you're in love with the thought of love? give some love to yourself... Once, my teacher told me that in order to understand the situation, you have to go out of it and take a closer look in the circle.. you are a woman who has everything so why worry about this guy? it will be his lose and not yours... go, girl! you can do it..

Man are meant to take care of a woman. And if he does not, his not a man.

Got what i mean lady?



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