i have liked this boy for quiet a while, but i was too scared of him rejecting me to ask him out... i was a bit over weight so i went to the gym everyday until i lost 12 kilos and i also changed many things about myself ... for instance, i had my hair cut and stopped biting my nails and also started revising and putting my hand up in class loads so that he'd notice me.... i started feeling alive, until that day when i had built up enough courage to let him know about my feelings... and guess WHAT? he rejected me :( and ever since i stopped revising and getting top marks, put on lots of weight and started biting my nails again..i cant believe that i have given everything i had to get him and e still said no i dont understand why he rejected me ... i need inspiration i want to feel alive again and i also want to not hate him


help me PLEASE... Rosiexxx

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i just posted i "hate" adult.

There's a lot of difference between the words "hate" and "disgust" 

hmmmm... save this post for when you turn 25 or 30 then read it again.  You will find you made no sense.  But its good you tried.  You will need a few more heart brakes in your life before you can carry a sense of sureness in love.  Let alone try to give advise for it.



that's a post, an opinion.

Read it again and again, and you will find you made no sense with the second statement you made.

nice advise...


Thanks again...ive learned a lot!

Don't ever change yourself for a guy to like you. I have been through that and it didn't work..be yourself and if he don't like you then god will bless you with another one.
Sweety at first never ever change yourself for any person in this world cause like in your case if they give up on you - you give up on yourself and YOU DONT NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF girl!! Make yourself beautiful for You for otherwise you will always be miserable if you cant please a person... Love is like a revelation.... Love does not care about a person's looks.... Love looks deeper into the heart and seeks the value and caracter beyind the mask. Cause Love will realise that beauty will fade over years with age and than its only the inner person who will remain its youth... No matter how pretty you gonna be if that guy dont loves you, there's nothing you can do... start working on your self worth... start seeing yourself as God sees you as your friends see you not as you wanne be seen by one guy... there's a guy outside for who you dont need to lose weight or wanne change for... maybe at this moment youre looking past him because your whole focus is on this one guy who dont love you at all.... maybe he is still to come? Either way you'll meet someone who will love your for you!!! Take care of yourself because you wanne look good for yourself* treat yourself fair*

I like what you said about that maybe your looking past your true love because your whole focus is on this one guy.  Sometimes the answer to your life lies in the things that seem consistant and that are not obvious but are there always.  We just have to see it and finally realize it and then its confirmed that is what is truely for us, that person, that event, that moment...

That is a great point to think about...



thank you i'll try to do as you guys said :) this is really inspired me and has helped me a lot with getting over him love youss xxx



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