Hi everyone! 

So I'm kinda going through a normal phase of life...teen confusion!

I really just want some advice on how to get through my teen years without having to many issues...I wanna have fun, go well at school, and only in my free time worry about guys and dating.

I just broke up with my bf, then almost hooked up with my 17 year old cousins ex (who's 16), and it seems like i just create trouble everywhere i go! 

I don't really think about consequences and react to certain situations without thinking (almost hooking up with my cousins ex, who i barely knew!), even little situations...

The overall issue though is that I'm having a lot of break-downs...my first term report card went pretty bad (and im usually a strait A student) 

So I really need some advice, anything! I just wanna read some Ideas or personal experiences, or even just here from other kids my age (so i know i'm not the only one suffering).

Thank you so much in advance,

I really hope somebody can help. <3

Lots of love...<3

Peace out!

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Just as you said, 'twas a normal phase of life. Don't be worried. No need to be confused, just do the right thing. The pretty things in life you've been hoping for is not gonna happen lest you make it. Life is never fair. So just be happy with what's happening now and always think positive. But don't be to vulnerable to others. Be wise. :)

hmmm, u know ur situation is really common..

the thing is ur intelligent, u should know the right thing to do..hehe

i think, at ur age don't go into relationships by now..can't u see? ur pretty immature on handling relationship or the like...

just enjoy ur friends company...and ul see, ul love being single...

just be contented with having thousands of crushes, u know...just be happy admiring them from afar without the thoughts of being in a relationship.. and last piece of advice, don't entertain every erotic emotions offered by the guys around u coz some r just fooling around...

honestly? high school is the easiest part your life! so focus on yourself and your friends and school work, when i was 15 or 16 i didnt date lol in fact i never had sex till i was just about 19 yrs old! you have ypur whole life ahead of u to worryy bout boys, focus on what u want at this point and time in ure life!!!



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