she is so ridiculously gorgeous. i can't take my eyes off her most of the time. have you ever seen anyone so attractive that it was hard to take your eyes off them, well that's her. and her voice just sends a chill down my spine, its soft and soothing and GOD she's my definition of perfect. she's smart and sassy and (rightfully) knows how much better she is than everyone else, its incredibly sexy. she knows she has a spell over me, she makes me give her answers to tests and doesn't return the favor, just for kicks, when she finishes eating something she'll throw the container on the floor instead of the trash and have me pick it up and dispose of it. she'll purposely grab her boyfriends ass or start kissing him when im there. my friend told her i like her b4 and he told me that she just laughed at me and said no.  i am completely in love with her, she's like god to me. she's the icon of all my wet dreams and day dreams and fantasies, i daydream of saving her life or something and then we marry

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are you sure you really love this girl....think about it first'll never it might be something else...... ppl often misunderstand wats in a persons soul..

u call her trust me...shes way toO FFFAAARRR from it..

and the first step to perfect is not to treat a guy lyk trash.
also..the gurl who is purpousfully making u not only betraying her boyfrnd...hurting u...showing also killing a lil humanity
Just one thing I wanna say.. if you even by chance, find any reason for you loving her, its just lust.. not true love.. trust me, I am saying it out of my own experiences.. ^_^

1 word: BITCH lol shes playing off ure emotions cuz shes a man eater, she knows u wud bend over backwards for her so she does things to make it happen, im sure u can do better 

yea.. if its such love, you do bend over backwards.. you do make some compromises..

You're so pathetic.. im sorry I really wan't to be nice but that is just pathetic. 

ya we all become pathetic to a degree when it is one sided.. you would understand that if you were in such a situation..



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