it was just months ago..and evreything is still clearly etched in my mind and heart..

it was feb12,09 when we met at their house to spend the whole day together with his family..the last t ime we did it was last december..(his not my boyfriend anymore that time..but he told me that if we can find time, well see each other like the way it use to be..)

everything was close to perfect..

as if theres a chance for us to make our relationship formal again..

but i prove myself wrong when the day of the hearts came..

it was evening when he texted me..

he ask me if were happy..and i replied.."yes, we are"

he asked again.."were ok,ryt?"..and i replied again.."yes ,we are"..

and his next textmessage broke my heart..

he told me in a nice way that it was almost 5 months ago that were separated..
and in that 5months he tried to fill up his emptiness to me..

and his last line totally broke my heart into pieces when he told me that..

"im starting to like someone else..and im about to date her..i hope ur happy for me.."

and now, im in the stage of total acceptance..

i never got the chance to meet his significant other..
though i BADLY wanna know whos that girl,still i know it will just hurt me..

it was jsut 2 months ago..

there were times i thought ive alredy move on..but deep inside me i know i still love him..eventhough he dont love me anymore..(stupid me!)

anyone??could give me advice..

yes i miss him, but i hnestly wanna get over him..

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were almost the same on the situation.. but i try to forget him and get over him.. that is the nice way that we have to do.. its hard but we dont have any choice but just to let him go..just focus yourself to other thing that make you forget him...

that damn guy..!! just think that it was his lost, not yours..

you are precious.. hehe :)) so just smile and relax don't stressed

your self with that fucking man..!! you deserve someone that have

a true hearts.. <3     (song for that fucking man -  tangina nya by Akuztiks)

hope you will hear that song Nance.. have a nice day..

hello nance.. im a new member here.. im verni.. i know how u feel coz ive been there. i tot its too hard to get over someone u truly love.. 2months is still a very painful time.. u cant expect urself to get over him easily when uve loved him long enough. ive even get over my frst bf for a year.. what i can tell you is.. do not involve urself into his ways as of now. in time ull be friends.. but as of now, let all ur emotions flow.. when u want to cry,.. just cry.. let all those tears that fill ur heart flow.. coz after uve cried it all.. ull get over him..its normal to become so emotional coz we r just humans. in time ull forget him..i hope it helps.

try to get him.. keep ur self bz.. there are many others things to do beside missin him.. dont think about him for couple days then on ur own u will 4get him.. n move on.. 

omg yu poor girl!! are you okay?

maybe he'll realise that yur the one for him :)

but in the mean time keep busy and focus on something u disliked about him and in time if u concentrate n that yu may get over him. theres plenty of fish in the sea :) your guy will come eventually :) 

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Time, good friends, comfort food, family and closure! or just staying away from him, worry bout ureself, single life is awsome! u dont have to worry bout anyone but ureself u can go and do what u want, the only downside? u  may get lonely which sucks but goes away slowly over time! when ure heart is ready to mend  itself thats when u will be over him!

heyyyy force him whos that girl... it maybe u

ik how u feel its the worse feeling in the world but dont let it eat u all up u may love him ya but holding on to him will not help u heal u got to competley let go its hard ik but trust me u will feel so much better in the end & u will see yourself being happy again..& time will go by & u realize that he was the dumb one he left u he misses out & before u know it the pain will be gone but u will never stop loving him he will always be there just not as much as he use to be....its ok to cry & listen to sad songs it helps u deal through it but i wanna share a song with you that u may enjoy & hopefully help u through this difficult time (=

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> click here & listen (=



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