there is this man i knew since i was a freshman, we really are close. i treat him like a brother, i used to see him, talk to him without any malice at all. he used to hold my hands, and i am used to it, everyone in our circle of friend used to hug and kiss but unlike him, he is the only one who hold my hands without asking, weird but i really am used to it... i let all those moments and time to pass by, i just let it be. i never thought great thing would come ahead us or maybe only me.... summer, he often texts me that he likes me, that i am his crush, and me, afraid of taking things seriously, i go with the flow... we dare to risk, we agreed to be together fr a week, it was only his best friend and mine who knew our agreement... that was just all for fun... yes for fun, not for real, i guess so, i don't know if his words were real.... he'd be leaving soon, he'd be living outside the country, i'll never see him again... then i decided, i accepted it, i fell for him so badly, before he left, i planned to tell him everything, i waited but he didn't came. i was left, still thinking, but i guess i did everything i could, it's his time and it's fate's time...

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Even though he's far away, find a way to tell him how you really feel. You know it feels good to let it out of your chest, to let him know how you really feel, just be ready of whatever the outcome will be. It's better to let him know and for you to know what he really feels about you.



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