me and my boyfriend met on October 20th 2010 he was going with my best friend and she played him for somebody else and I had his back all the way and when he found out it was true I broke up with my boyfriend for him and we been dating since November 19th of 2010. We fight every day over everything can somebody please tell me why

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I'm sorry that you fight everyday and I know that that can be tiring, but maybe you should just try talking to him about what is going on with you and tell him that you don't want to fight with him. I think that saying those words will make a better relationship. 

Just tell him you love him. 

thanks for your advice and I hope it works.
Hello.. you guys has too little time to be fighting you guys been dating for 1 month and already fighting like you guys have years together thas not good. first of all it takes 2 to fight.. he is not going to fight by him self if you ignore him.. lisen when he tries to fight no matter how angry what he say get you take a deep breath and tell him look baby i dont want to fight i love you and change the subject.. because then you going to make it a habit to be fighting for stupid shit and trust me if you guys keep going to this path you guys are not going to make it to 3 month.. try to comunicate with him and if you guys spend everyday together give him time so he can be with his friends been with your boyfriend 24/7 and not giving him space is going to cause fights go out with your girlfriends give him a reason to miss you so when you guys meet up there will be no time for fighting but most importantly let himgo out with his friends guys need theres space to do guys stuff
We still together it's been 3 months and we still fight but not as much. He make me fight cause he texes mass of his caregivers and he act like a total jerk when I confront him about it.

first of all drop all expectation and give love .................. dont be begger be king and distribute it .....


 surrender yourself to him ............ its a eternal truth

It's hard to give love when he makes me mad.

Why did you broke up with your boyfriend for him? Haven't you ever realize that you hurt him?




By the way, back to your main problem,

Just talk things out. Like some say, it takes two to fight, and if you don't fight back, there won't be no fight.

Cause my ex was crazy.

oh, sorry to hear that,

ya he lied on me to the police
yeah u guy fighting is a normal thng,it always happen wen in our youthful ages so pls take it easy ok.



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