We always had an online chat with ASHLANEX and her HALYLANEX,we are in love i and her senior sister.
So......it cames to a point that we cant hides our feelings anymore.So....as we are having online chat,i told her that ''I LOVE HER'' but the problem is,she havent accept my love directly and that make me thoughts that she didnt love me because she ask me many silly questions.
She accepted my love but she didnt told me that.So....after that chat ends,she told my girlfriend that KAKULANEX says he LOVE ME she said happily to my girlfriend whose is her junior sister.THE FACT IS,THEY ARE MY COUSINS
So..........thats a bad story to her because she love me too but good story to her sister.Later on,when we met online she told me that''SO KAKULANEX YOU EVEN HAD A GIRL FRIEND AND YOU HAVE NOT TOLD US ?'' i was shocked when i heard,i thought i commit a crime in our family.I replied and say ''WHO TOLD YOU THAT I HAVE GIRL FRIEND ?'' she replied "MY SISTER SAYS YOU SAID YOU LOVE HER".I then thought again that something must have gone wrong.
At that very time i recalled that i told her sister i will hack her brain.So i laughed"HAHAHA.....I TOLD HER THAT I WILL HACK HER BRAIN" she said OKAY.
As chat everytime online with my girl we felt in love but cant tell each other.
I asked that "is that true you have a boy friend ?" she says no i dont because they talked to me but i never say a word" ,So the chattings continues...
One night,sorry i said night because we always chat in the night.One night,she update a status that "I WILL QUIT CHATTING"
i asked her why
she replied "SCHOOL BECAUSE I HAVE TO BE READING" Before she offline,i told i will named you ASHLANEX,she thanks so she stopped for a while.
I got tired being online and chatting without ASHLANEX,so i phoned her and told her to return online chat and she says she will but that should be after my sisters marriage ceremony.
When the time cames we met and we took many pictures like couples.Later,i saw her online and
update her status "am back"
One day she called and told me that "PLEASE,WE SHOULD MEET ONLINE NOW"
immediately i get online and found out that she get online before i do.I then update a status"WE ARE PLAYING A GAME,WE ARE GOOD AT IT BUT WE DONT KNOW THE NAME OF THE GAME WE ARE PLAYING"
So the chat started,you said we should meet right? Then whats the deal? Before replied i update another status "WHY DO YOUNG LOVERS HIDE THIER FEELING?" So........she ask me thesame question and i replied"may be they feared what their belove ones will reply"
"hmmm" was her replied and then she saids "TELL ME WHAT IS IN YOUR IN YOUR MIND" hearing that makes me started joking here and there.So she saids"IF YOU CANT TELL ME,THEN I WILL TELL" hearing that makes me felt happy and i replied"waw......the i cant wait to hear that from you" and she replied "OFFCOURE BUT NOT TO YOU BUT TO SOMEONE ELSE" and i replied "OH....THAT WILL NOT HURTS MY HEART BUT I WILL DIRECTLY MAKE MY BRAIN TO EXPLODE,OK I WILL TELL" She then replied "AM WAITING"
my replied was only"Licolin Ocean Victor Edward" "but u didnt answer me" so she does"I LOVE......" mine was"YOU".The essence we broke this sentence is because if the game goes wrong,we can depend ourselves and she replied"how long you were in love me" and i replied "very very long" that how our love start.
After 204days when we met online she says "WE CANT BE TOGETHER" i didnt hesitate and so i accept her words,so i replied"DO YOU KNOW THE NAME OF THE GAME WE HAVE BEING PLAYING ?" she say NO so i replied back "the name of the game is NEXT" "why do u name it so" was her reply "BECAUSE WE HAVE SEEN THE PAST,WE HAVE SEEN THE FEAUTURE AND NOW WE ARE IN PRESENT".
She said"Am so sorry,i know this will hurt you but the truth is we cant be together" my reply was "IN OTHER TO OVERCOME OUR PAIN,WE MUST ENDURE ANY HARDSHIP".Thats how the chat goes and ends as we are broken up.
Comment if you need the next part of the story.

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