i am rohan. i am marriend and also having a girlfriend.that girlfriend also have a other boyfriend. let me make everything clear that we have just been in relation just 4 months. i don't know what had happened to her she is not giving me time to talk. i have asked her that please tell me that if she want to leave me then it ok as i am married i am not going to be on any commitment. then also she is not ready to leave me what to do i dont have any idea to do it. i am in love but i dont have any idea what to do. I am aperson living away from her 500 km so i am not able to meet her regularly it is possible only one or twice  a year this is the real style of love i think so. she is unmarried also. she is having her affair before we meet then also we had affair. what to do please give me ur advice.

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to fall in love is the most wonderful feelings,it makes you happy and makes your heart beats fast,there's always an excitement,sometimes you might not be able to know what is right or wrong.it is really hard to fall inlove when you know that both of you are not free,specially when you are married,it is infidelity,you're cheating and being unfaithful with your wife.
are you really inlove with this other woman?and is she really loves you?well if that so,you have to choose between your wife and your girlfriend.but before you dicide you have to think first a million times,you have to be sure about your feelings before it ends up with a big regrets.
thank you for replying. i know that it is very hard for me to decide it. i want to tell you that i do love her but i don't feel that she love me so much. i can't leave my wife as i have 2 daughter and i love them a lot. i don't want to give them the pain by my side. i am also taking care of my wife. i do know that i am cheating her but i had cheated her. i am very much great ful to god that i didn't went the last stage. i dont have said to her but i want to really want a person to whom i can discuss.
One great thing is that i can't meet that girl regularly but i am in contact with her by phone. due what i am really getting frustrated when i dont talk with her.
now she is also avoiding me and i think that one day we migh get seperated. i felt that she is avoiding me i asked her if she want to leave me she can but she says that she want me to be there. she says she loves me but as i can't marry her so she has to take care of her boyfreind more.
one thing i cant understand that why she is not leaving me as she nows that the relation between me and that girl has no end.
if she says that i can come to know what i should do.
i also believe that when u believe someone u cant even know what's wrong and rght as long as u love that person but before that people must think first and emotion must be next..have a nice day ahead ..
wat the heck,.. we have a same scenario??? i am in love with a family man.. and i don't know what to do????
why do married people still fall for other woman???

then,you should cut-off your affair with that girl because you have your wife and daughter.dont do it just for yourself but instead do it for your daughters .you do love them and the affair you have to the other girl is just a LUST not LOVE .



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