I really have a problem in our classroom....

..i think that are always having this "backstabbing session" about ME!

..and just recently, it was confirmed that its TRUE!!!

.so, i really want to know how am i going to handle this situation...

..i just really feel alone and that all of them hates me.....

...what should i do?? help me please....

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hmmmm.... if you care about certain people... you should try your hardest to put your friendship back together.   talk to them and say how you feel .  and try to make the relationship good.  And if there are people you don't care about, then, just don't care about them.  Don't care about what they say or what they do.  There are always amazing people around you if you want to find new friends.  maybe you will find friends in unexpected places.  be open to new happiness and always always always be honest ! hope things get better for you.



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