i am sO cOnfUsed ryt nOw..

i kNow thAt i lyk hiM.

i hAd likEd him foR 3 mOnths nOw..

my dAy iS not aLwAys cOmplEte wEnever i didn't sAw hiS fAce nOr hEar hIs vOice.

yeSterdAy, hE tOld mE thAt hE lOve mE..

i dOn't knOw whAt tO do sO i dUmped hIm..

bUt nOw, i regrEt wAt i'd dOne..

wAt shOuld i dO??

i dOn't reAlly knOw if wAt i aM fEelinG is aLreAdy lOve oR tHis is jUst infAtuation..

pleAse, i nEed advicE..

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sounds to me like he opened up the relationship by confessing his feelings.
dont be afraid to love it is gods greatest gift.
if your afraid of being hurt, dont be it'll set you back alot.
sure you may get hurt once or twice but its crazy how
we still love the people who hurt us
and the people who hurt us love us.
love is twisted everyone needs to take a crack at it though.
never back down okay? i understand how hearing those words can kind of set you back but dont push them away embrace them you may be greatful about it later(:
i say try to do what you can and get him back(:
i thnk it love



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