Yes, potatoes do have brilliant anti-ageing properties. When potato slices are applied to your eyes for 10 minutes the same way in which cucumber slices are applied, they are instantly refreshed and revitalised. Potato can be used all over the face when made into a smooth paste, by grinding one medium sized potato with two tablespoons of apple sauce and applying onto the skin for 15-25 minutes. Afterwards rinse with warm water, your skin will be glowing from the inside out.

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Dieting to lose weight

It is hard to argue with healthy natural food diets and even supplements where the results can be so dramatic. However, once the reduction in your weight has been achieved you may find it hard to maintain your reduced size.

Commonsense approach to Weight Loss and Fat BurnFat 100 lists common sense approaches to weight-loss which allow you to control how you achieve your objectives and how much that infringes upon your lifestyle. Diet products, recipes, green tea diets etc all have their place but if you can manage to simply eat less and exercise more a smaller waist, belly, stomach, thighs or whatever it is that you desire can be achieved in a long lasting way. Healthy lifestyle habits can be achieved without turning into someone else or seeking medical help. You can still be yourself - just slimmer.

RankingFAT100 ranks weight loss ideas and suggestions with a weighting towards what is easy and practical to do. Consequently many of the slimming industries standard methods of measuring, analyzing and expediating weight loss "performance" tend to get ranked further down the list. We assume if you want to join Jenny Craig you have already done so.

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