it seems the loss of love,takes our soul with it. some of us write, hide-out or do some crazy things to fill that empty spot in us. I thought i`d join this group..hope thats ok. I like to read and write. most all of the things I write, I call it free-verse. seems like i`m always writing music and lyrics to sad stuff, I`m not a sad guy"
maybe its because I can put more emotion in it...I don`t know. tell me what you think..if you want to share.

I`ll post a couple of pieces here, I call them


I have pulled on boots
the cloth over my shoulders
...and all you see that is new
merely covers what is suspected...
I am so broken...

"question my abilities..never my heart"

© Copyright 2011 Vincent

Nothing at all

Torrid night
the world sleeping.

No moon up above,
no breeze carries music
the desert is charmed and quiet.

Here one can sit
and realize.

here one can sit
and mourn.

The loneliest sound
I have ever heard,
is nothing at all....

© Copyright 2011 Vincent


and love... a defting roar
at times without focus..
still I pay it is relentless
with no measurable value...ask nothing
you have it all.
Social love evolves..breathes
and hurts Me with stories...though frail..I am thankful.

© Copyright 2011 Vincent

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