Making Love,Is it just as intimate as having sex?

 Making love involves lots of passion...I dont think Ive

ever had sex!!!! Since the day I lost my...

So, what do you think?

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with most people making love starts with kisses and hugs and cuddling and holding hands and then works up to sex

true that

making love is the most amazing feeling i'm 42 and i was really able to understand it more only because I loved her more then life it self. (sex) is casual its like picking up anyone to take care of your needs for fun however when you're emotionally involved its definitely more intimate it's incredible. passion and as one being perfect emotional and love yes, but there's a deeper, emotional connection to both of you.
Totally agree.... There is a difference!
I think there is a big difference between  making love and sex. Making love is more intimate because you are seeking to know and touch the inner person with whom u r with. Sex doesn't care. It's just immediate satisfaction.
im looking for a nice lady over 25 to me happiness is shearing your life with a person who will take you as you are and give you hugs and kisses and cuddling and holding hands and foreplay etc i would rather be told i am loved and get hugs and kisses and cuddling and holding hands and foreplay etc then have all the money or material possessions

I have had sex but I don't think it's anything different but with Ryan and I kissing just leads to it so...



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