i had a bf for 5 yrs., he was my first boyfriend. i thought i had a perfect relationship among all, then everything had changed since a met my boss. i have a secret affair with my boss, he is a family man actually.
for almost a year i have known him, he was so nice, mysterious and very interesting guy. All of the girls employee/ my co-workers had a crush on him becoz of his snobbish personality.
i love everything in him. the way he talked, the way he was being snobbish person and things that are not so good in him. he always made me feel i was special.
until the time comes we exchanged text message, we hanged out together.
i secretly love him even we had no commitments to each other. i know, i have a bf and he had his family.
and i know i will end up being a looser mistress. but what a bullshit feelings i have.
i cannot avoid being with him. i don't know i cannot help myself but to miss him.
i decided to resign in my company, to avoid his presence and to help myself as well.
right now, our status was .. i don't know. he still texted me and asking me if i'm ok.
before i leaved in my co. i gave him a parker pen, my co-worker told me, that he was a easily irritated now, he never smiled at all. the parker pen i gave was always on his barong. he never failed to put it always on his barong.
I HATE MYSELF!!!! i miss him. I CAN SAY, I NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE. if he never had a wife, maybe i'd fight for him.
but i don't know how to move on. no one knows how am i feeling right now.
thanks for this column, for letting me expressed myself.
It was hard to forget!!!

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Affairs are often hot and misleading ..hold fast to what you have or just have hot sex hot hot sex
i don't think your helping her..
I dont think its not helping her. Lets be honest when you get into affairs can you really expect more than this? 
Listen your right i dont kn0w what your going through, but you should have known what to expect when you got yourself into this. I would do what Scott said, because honestly those seem to be your only options.

thanks Sam, for being straight forward i understand..

as far as i know,, the whole thing was so fast that i didn't realize i was already there being hooked with a married man. too late to noticed, when i realized it i made an actions of moving n though its hard.. , you might not get it but when your there maybe u can understand.

nobody wants to be an option/ a third party..  thank u for reading this, i just needed someone to inhale with this..

i got your point scott,  thanks.. but on my part it is not sex or him beng hot why i cant forget him.. 

there is something in him that really got me, his personality,.. and maybe i was just hooked with his personality because i know for a fact that no matter what i do i cant really have him.. thanks scott maybe on his part as a man his into that...

loololol......u r rite man

yeah maybe you and him not belong together so your move i believe is the best thing you've done..
-having affair with a married man is really hard especially you don't know for sure where to place yourself..
- i really commend you for being so kind and strong to face the consequence of that martyr's move..
-i know you will be happy to your boy..just focus on him..it might not easy to let go that long relationship..for sure your just confuse now..but know what?..for sure if you will let go of him that would be the time that you will appreciatte him..so i'm afraid that will happen to you..
-regret is the hard thing to fight 'cause you let go of the person whom be with you for a couple of years..
-who's behind you no matter what..
-think and be smart darling..it might not be too late for you to bring back you feelings to your real love..(",)

thanks Liam..hi Liam,

It was hard to move on... really hard, everytime i hear his name i felt like my heart beats so fast.. everytime im drunk i used to cry thinking of him..

it's been a year, he still wants me to meet him, but i rejected his invitation because im scared to see him and my feelings will come back. after all, i never regret that i met him, i've learned a lot from him.. right now i'm good with my relationship your right i am happy with him, i appreciate him so much.. i learned a lot from your msg thank u liam..

try to let go.wounds can be healed.if you let yourself falling over and over  to him u can't get through with it.you can still feel the pain that you felt right now.moving on is the best way to bring a brighter tomorrow for you and to your bf cuz what you are doing right now is that u make your self complicated.you can do it girl.cheer up.

First of all, GOODJOB!!!

Goodjob because you still know what is right.

Moving on is hard to do, but you really have to. keep yourself busy, do exciting things with your bf, like travel, or go to the gym together, or play a sport together, in this way you will not only forget about your boss, you will also have more quality time with your bf and you may fall inlove with your bf more. i mean, just keep the fire burning between you and your bf so that you will not seek for other attention.




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