Hi. So, I am somewhat scared of love, letting myself dive into the unknown territory that is a relationship. I've never been in a relationship before and I don't think I know what love is in a way either. I have been close friends with a guy for years and find myself thinking of nothing else but him. I think about whether or not he has feelings for me and I pushback my constant thinking of him because I don't want to wreck our friendship and I am scared of putting my feelings out there, if I even have any in the first place. Is this love? And if so what should I do about it? I appreciate any and all of your advice. Thanks and hope all is well!

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you'll know its love when you don't have to question it.

don't rush things..maybe what ur feeling is just a mere infatuation..

juz enjoy the friendship with that guy right now..

remember, he could have girlfriends and change them as much as he wants..but u, as his friend is irreplaceable..

just wait...hehe, you'll gradually know if its really true love..it may also be that what ur feeling is love, but in the level of friends..

_its normal to think that ur in love with ur bestfriend, esp. f he's material boyfriend..and lots of girls like him:)

Okay.. I get your point.. so here is my solution, try it..
First, ask yourself the following questions. Do you feel jealous when he is around some other girls and flirts with them.. do you feel possesive about him? For the time you've known him, do you think he is always there for you or will be? If you find reasons to love him, then you actually don't.. one thing, a proposal mostly wont ruin your friendship.. but a break up will.. thats the difference.. and it is not necessary to feel that it is wrong to express yourself.. if you talk bout this with him, it will only un-complicate things between you both.. so according to me, you can try to express yourself to him.. if hes a great guy who understand you truly, I can promise you that nothing bad will happen, either way.. good luck! Hope this helps you! ^_^



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