Well, I've never really told anyone my feelings. Oh yeah, My crazy friends but they don't give a damn and I need somebody that I could really talk to. They all seem to have girlfriends and I feel left out so yeah. Okay, Well just about a year ago was it the first time I've actually had a crush. Not only was she my crush, but the girl I really loved and want to spend my whole life with her. She is Gorgeous, Beautiful, Got a Pretty Face (That she could catch me staring at all day, LOL!!!), A real good personality (Which is the reason why she has alot of friends) and the most sexiest body I have ever had to stare at more than 15mins. I know, what a purve but she is everything I look for in a girl. I first met her at the Hospital after someone we both knew, had an accident. The moment I saw her felt like the hospital was heaven. She made me forget about the fact that I hated going to the hospital because of my fears of being close to dead or dying people. We made eye contact which was awkward. I really felt like running outta the room but I didn't wanna show her that I was a pussy, hhahaha. But eventually I got over just staring at her so I walked over and asked what her name was, and we starting having a convo, which was really nerve-racking. Getting dizzy, almost like I wanna faint. From then on, I've kept a static image of her pretty face in my head. I even added her on facebook. We became friends and everytime we were online(via facebook) I would wish she chatted to me and what do you know, she read my mind. She sent a message and we started chatting. It always made me happy to keep in touch with her since the hospital. About last holidays, she came back home(her country) and asked for my number and soon she started texting me. She almost texted me right up until the day she went back overseas. I kinda started thinking that maybe she/we were having a thing, I really thought, in result of the chats over facebook, asking for my number and the texting. Until just recently when she came back, I hadn't seen her for more than 3 weeks. I just couldn't wait to see her face again, just to get over my infatuated feelings. To my surprise, I found out she had a boyfriend, to explain how guttered I was, I started pouring my eyes out like we were dating and she cheated on me but no! That was just how much I really liked her. =( I was at a party next to the beach and there were fireworks and stuff to make it fun. I then spotted her and was really happy so I was just about to walk over to her but she then moved to a guy and started holding him, I had forgotten about the whole boyfriend thingy and got really pissed which killed my BUZZ. It was New Years Eve and I felt really depressed inside. We kept eye contact and stuff but I tried hard to avoid her and try to have fun but instead I was thinking of her. I was sooooo pissed off that I wasn't enjoying the night with my mates. The countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....It's New Years. It was fun, everyone saying HAPPY NEW YEAR then, someone hits me on the back, "Happy New Year" as I turned, it was her, my secret admire. I kissed and hugged her and whispered in her ear, HAPPY BIRTHDAY .....Oh, not to mention but she was born on New Years Day. I couldn't take it so I took off after our little meet, I couldn't bear to watch her and the guy to make out so I GAPPED IT, told my friends I have curfew (What Lies), trying to deny those feelings inside and went home tearing my eyes. Since then I've been slow, angry, quiet and sad. All that just for that one girl. I've never been this crazy for anyone before and I just can't get over it. I try to forget about her but she is still there. I have mixed feelings at the moment and I need advice or help, anything will be good.......Should I give up on her and move on? or should I hold on to my feelings and hope that she will realise someone sooooo AWESOME, is waiting. What do you think? I am desperate.

(It's a relief to let it out, finally!)

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hello there... well, ur situation is difficult because she already have a boyfriend but........................................ emmm, did u told her how u felt? and if u didnt i think u should just come clean and with courage and tell her because then u won't have that regret. after that if u don't see any difference or any result after u confess what u have for her then i think u should move on. life is short and out here-in this world are a lot of people waiting to be love and find the right one. just dont fall in a hole of depression for someone that is enjoying her life with someone else

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. 

Thanks for understanding my situation, it is really hard you know. To like confess my feelings for this girl, after all, I see boys get rejected and all LOL!!! and I just don't wanna be one of them. Although you are right, I do see her happy with that guy, I guess but maybe I could hold my feelings on for a bit longer until maybe she breaks up with him then, I'd probs make my move. Like I said, I've never done this before. But If not, then I'd have to move on.

Thank you once again.

Hey there. I am interested in your story because I understand how you feel and I can relate. But nobody here knows you, nor do they know her. I don't know what works for you, but when ever I feel unhappy about something, I usually take a moment to think to myself. You should try to relax, maybe make yourself a drink, and just think for while. You should ask yourself " Was it worth the pain?" This question can make a big difference. If your honest answer is no, treat youself to a nice break to get her off your mind. But if the answer is yes, keep her close to your heart. What i mean when I say this, is that no matter what happens, you know that she was worth it and you are glad to see her happy. If you still have feelings for her, it may very well be that you will find it hard to go a minute without thinking about her, but that is absolutely normal and okay. So weather this ends up going great for you, or perhaps not so great, you should always keep in mind that this too shall pass, and you will soon find yourself in a place of happiness once again.

Thanks for that, very much! What you have said is really great and I hope this shall be good help. I will definitely try the drink one, =) AND if this doesn't come through, then I should treat myself to something. I do sometimes get my mind of her then on times when I'm alone, she is all that POPS UP in my mind. I even can't resist looking at her photos, "She is such Angel'. I will hold onto my feelings for a bit longer until maybe she breaks up with the guy. I have to tell you this but, Just last night, I was working security with my cousin and we had to like drive to different sites to check, and TBH, I was having fun. Laughing, playing, being stupid and stuff then I saw her driving pass with  her boyfriend on a motorcycle, holding him and everything just started coming back. I started going quiet and it started getting boring. The night was killed and I started dozing off to sleep after that moment. I can't helpit but, that really puts me down. I can't believe it does, I have tried to fight it.

Thanks again for the advice, I really hope this helps.


I'm glad I could help, and don't get discouraged when you can't stop thinking about her. That is perfectly normal. What you said about you and your cousin is great and you should try organizing more get-together's with people you enjoy spending time with to keep your mind off of her. There is no doubt it is difficult now, but as time goes by, things will get better, no matter how things go. I truly hope everything works out for you!

hey hi silently in lover, do u belive in the saying, "thr is just one life"? before suggesting anything to u i just want to tell u one thing n thts  we can hear ur situation, n can hear ur feelings too but we can not feel it in the same ways as u r feeling for her, to love someone is very beautiful feeling, it makes u feel very happy, n u always take thngs lightly as she becomes ur strenght, u start liking urself n try to b perfect, whn u r in love u dont want her to get hurted, but hey frnd its always necessary to let her knw wotz thr in ur heart, dont say its ur first time n wot if she says no. atleast tell her. agar hum future ka soch kar present ke kaam hi na karen to future kaise aayega.....  give a try to it n dont think tht she will say no or tumhari insult hojayegi, agar negative thinking le kar jaoge to vohihoga so its better to take a step but kuch expect mat karna...... thr are many ways to  say the simple thing n the difficult too. she is ur frnd now as a frnd make ths very clear the wot so ever i m going to tell is is just wot i had  in my heart for u. i was ur frnd n we will be frnds  i dont wanna hurt u nor want u to break up with ur bf but just wish to tell u my heart n thr u have to tel ur feelings  dont say i love u first tel ur feelings wot u eactly feel for her..... n ek baar bolo ge na i swear u will feel reliefed n happy to u atleast u had let her knw ...... hope u tell her abt ur feelings. all the very best buddy. kal ko aisa na feel ho ki kash usko bol deta never wait for 2morrow. agar na bol b diya to kya zindagi to nahi ruk jayegi, but agar tumne na  bataya to zindagi sahi main ruk jayegi. go ahead tc bye.



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