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About Me:
I love spoons dipped in soup. I collect a variety of spoons, plastic, gold, metal, bronze, and silver. They hang on my walls, and only a few spots are open. (if you have any spoons up for auction...tell me!) I am very close witth my twin sister, Kumiko (also known as "soupchild"). We give each other presents, to me she gives spoons, to her i give soup. We love each other..very much.
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Lick Fork, Kentucky
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true confessions, advice on love/sex, other
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My incredible collection of spoons.
The Reason I'm Here:
To Meet Someone, To Find out About Sex, Poetry, Dating
Something I've never told anyone before:
when i am alone, i take my frozen metal spoons out of the freezer and stick them in *fun*places. it makes me feel soooo nice.
I promise to upload my user picture!

Kentara's Blog

trying to love again...not

Posted on January 12, 2008 at 12:57pm 3 Comments

i have decided to be A sexual....i like no one because i am only interested in myself. mean and women think im a hottie but i just turn them down saying ew, get away from me su sick loser.


Posted on July 10, 2007 at 6:42pm 1 Comment

this poem was inspired by my sister....kumiko

i met a man

he has a big van

when we met

we had some sex

it felt so good

we decided to enter parenthood

we got married one day

in a very unique way

we were in love

a gift from above

our 4 children are cute

they all play the flute

i came home one time

and i saw a big crime

my husband was in a bed

with two other men

clothes on the floor

wide open door

i now… Continue


Posted on June 28, 2007 at 8:15pm 0 Comments

I must divorce my husband. i have decided this awhile ago. I need to get out of that house...the more i live there, the more i realize that i was so dumb not so realize his homosexuality. i am soooo pissed at him...but i think that by divrocing him, it would be alot easier to forget him. so...i have signed the papers, but he refuses. how can i get him to sign them....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted on June 21, 2007 at 9:11am 2 Comments

First i would like to say that this website is very important to me. I take it seriously. If anyone is using this website as a joke between friends, i advice that you quit this website. Using a website where people who are REALLY interested in love, and REALLY trying to improve their sex, is just plain cruel.

OK, now that i have gotten that off of my chest, i would like to introduce myself to everyone. Hi! i am kentara, although most people call me Tara or Barbie. I am if… Continue

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At 2:43pm on December 15, 2007, Ikaika said…
hey tell me whats goin one dez days in your life.
At 10:03pm on September 4, 2007, Bob Kelly Jojoe said…

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, there lived a young faire princess and her charming prince. The charming prince longed to win the affections of the princess, but she hid in her heart her growing affection for him.

One day the faire princess and the charming prince were riding upon the prince's trusty white stead, a brand new 1994 Geo Prizm with... a cracked windshield. The faire princess rode next to her prince. She sat only close enough so that the charming prince could reach with his right hand and rub her knee. He did this to demonstrate his affection for the princess and to remind himself that she was truly with him and it was not just a wonderful dream. As the charming prince's trusty stead crested a hill, the faire princess pointed out the nice sunset to her prince. The charming prince was directing his trusty stead with his left hand, rubbing the princess's knee with his right hand, attempting to watch the course of his trusty stead and glance up at his princess when he had a chance. He was a bit distracted. Distracted though he was, the prince commented that the sunset was indeed pretty and nice. Upon returning to the castle, the faire princess gracefully strode to a nearby window. Once again, the princess admired the colorful sunset. The princess called to her prince to fix his gaze upon the setting sun. The faire princess secretly wanted to be close to her prince and be held in his arms. She hoped that he would come and snuggle close to her, so that they could enjoy the setting sun together. The charming prince came to the window and saw the beauty of the sunset, but was even more transfixed by the beauty of the faire princess. The prince longed in his heart to be close to the faire princess, so he snuggled up to her from behind, his arms around her waist, his head upon her shoulder. As the prince snuggled close to her, the princess placed her hands upon his and they admired the colorful sunset together.

As the weeks went on, the charming prince wooed the faire princess with flowers and chocolates, warm hugs and tender kisses on the cheek. Her love for the prince grew and she could keep it secret no more. One day, the faire princess proclaimed her growing love for the charming prince. The prince knew well of the princess's growing love, but was very pleased that she could no longer keep it hidden in her heart. The charming prince and the princess soon after, shared their first kiss. It was a tender kiss, a loving kiss. The kiss was full of the passion and desire that the charming prince and faire princess had in their hearts for one another.

As the days, weeks and months went on, the love that the faire princess and the charming prince had for one another continued to grow. They shared their secrets. They shared their dreams. They even shared their hope for a lifetime of love together. With love the charming prince held in his heart for the faire princess and the love the faire princess held in her heart for the charming prince, they did have a wonderful life full of love together. And they lived happily ever after...

The End
At 3:32pm on August 1, 2007, Kentara said…
hello everyone...i would just like to let you know that from the help that i have gotten from my sister, and reversing the advice that rogie gave me, and then using it, i got my husband to sign those papers. rogie was soooo bad at giving advice. she made you think she knew what she was talking about, but then she was all rong and tried to manipulayte the users of his website and get everyone to do the rong thing. my advice is to reverse the advice she gave and then use it. she was a WACKO!
At 2:51pm on June 22, 2007, PS Gifford said…
Very nice-
At 5:14pm on June 19, 2007, FACESITTER said…
Thanks for the invite!


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