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ture love

to be in love you have tust the one you in love whit all the time ok and love god to ok god love you all god bulles you all

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A Necromancy Site just for the Romance in YOU!

      If you love romantic stories, romantic videos, exciting love story plots with beautiful pictures and music...then check out my site

you'll be so glad you did!   Pastor janet  

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will you be there....

Sometimes i wonder

What if we grow older

Will you be there?

What if my face be old

And my actions may seem cold

Will you be there?

If my hair get loss

And my feelings get lost

Will you be there?

When all the things get rough

And all scene be tough

Will you be there?

I ask myself...will i be there?

Will you be there....

All of these have only one answer

Will be right each… Continue

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"What Life is Like"


“What Life is Like”


Life is like a cake,…


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Best Friend

“Best Friend”

Back in collage Janelle have a friend, a best friend since elementary actually, they grew up and spend their childhood and teenage together, his name is Samuel. Before they separated their ways after graduating they promised that they will meet again after 10 years and they will travel together to their dream places. It’s been their dream since they were kids so they started their first vacation on Hawaii.

While sitting on a bar beside the…


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An Image of a Woman Loved by Men

Today business men like smart, cheerful, independent, modern and sexy women. Men, of course, like beautiful escorts, but the external beauty, shapes of a female body attract them not so much as the lifestyle of a woman, her manner to live and treat life.

According to the statistics modern men of 25 years old give preference to smart, sexy and beautiful girls; business men of 30 - 40 years old – appreciate intelligence, care and tenderness; and men who is more senior than 45 years old…


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My latest online love story The Best of Friends...

Want online romance check out my site with this link and read my latest entry in The Best of Friends love story called "The Encounter !

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A Poem "I still Love You"

"I Still Love You"…


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A Poem "Iibigin Ka Magpahangang Wakas"

"Iibigin Ka Magpahangang Wakas"…


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A Poem "Its You Who Change My Life"

"Its You who change My Life"…


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Would you?

If i told you that I love you, would you say it back?

If i told you that i miss you, would you hold me?

If i told you i couldn't live without you, would you stay?

What if the sky was falling? Would you be there for me?

What if the floor was caving in? Would you catch me?

What if there was nowhere to go? Would you tell me everything will be okay?

I could ask you a billion questions and they would all relate to you. 



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This Unknown Meaning of Truth

What is love?

Is it that feeling you feel deep inside you stomach?

It is that burst of adrenaline running through your body?

It is what makes your heart beat fast, slow and skips a beat?

Love isn't a just a word, a feeling or an emotion.

Love is everything.

Everything you see around you is love.

Love for the nature when you look outside your window.

Love is what that put you under a roof.

Love for when you have nobody to…


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Alchemy and Self Publishing

            I wrote my first book when I was eight years old. It was a book about the weather and it was called, of course, The Book of Weather. I took construction paper and drew the sun and wind and clouds, wrote instructional blurbs about lightning and thunder and fastened the pages between two pieces of cardboard taken from my father’s new button-down work shirts.  I covered the cardboard with green and yellow wallpaper that had bright and bubbly orange…


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I won’t start my story with “Dear Catherine,” and my message won’t be in a bottle.

Most people I guess look for that Big Great Love even those that are very comfortable at home now sitting with their wives and husbands and kids and dogs doing Yoga or Football. If real love knocks on their door…… they will leave all the comfort and peace of mind and understanding and will not even put their shoes on. IT HAPPENED TO ME!  I’m still running barefooted :) I was HIT BY A…


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4 years

I was 16 when i first met him, he had a smile that blew me away

 At the time he  had a girlfriend at the time, living in another state. That didn't stop my friend and I from crushing on him. She would tell me how much she liked him every day and i never told her I did to instead I told her I'll ask him to see if he liked her. He told me she was cool but not a like she was looking for.

One night at a party we were all drinking and me and this…


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Tonight's WriteSpa BlogTalkRadio Show features Romance Author Aly Grady

We'll be chatting about love letters, her book, love-and-marriage, self-love, and much more. Callers welcome! Aly Grady writes The Racer's Widow series and is published by Telemachus Press. Join us at 6 pm EST.

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i don';t know whether i am right to persit or not

nearly one year ago , i started my little company , but after half a year, i failed, ha, it was so fast , then ,i got a job in a company , then, i met her, she was a local girl, one year older than me , at that time , i was not in a good state, so she talked with me a lot , told me how to think , how to get out of the troubles i was in , i thanked her, but little by little, i fell in love with her , and i told her that, hah , i was so stupid , and so naive, she refused , but i wanted to…


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Are You Thinking About Writing Your Love Story?

Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST I have a writing show on BlogTalkRadio. It's based on my WriteSpa - an oasis for writers, and I talk about ways to approach writing that are different, creative, and fun.

This week (January 9) the topic will be on writing about clothing. Did you…


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A special wish


   I wish you could comprehend a wife's horror at 3 in the morning as I check   her husband of 40 years for a pulse and find none. I start CPR anyway, hoping to bring him back, knowing intuitively it is too late. But wanting  his wife and family to know everything possible was done to save his life.…


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Her Handyman is My Latest

I need to update my blog here as well. Last time I did so, Girl of My Dreams was published. Well, it's still available on Kindle at but Her Handyman is my latest at

I had lots of fun writing both of these books and intend to write my romantic comedies in the future!

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