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High school sucks!

Ok. Lets see. This is how my life is going. The guy I like, likes my best friend. My best friend is trying to set us up (she likes a guy that propsed to a 13 year old!) I really want to go out with this guy (the one I like) but, I dont think he will go out with me because he likes my friend. And I told my friend that if she likes him she can go out with him, but she said she doesnt. But this guy is a friend of mine and he is really funny, and some people dont like him but I dont care what they… Continue

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The One Guy, I'm desperatly in Love with....HELP! PLEASE! I DESPERATLY NEED IT!!

This is crazy! I tell myself that everyday. Your only 13! You dont know what love is! But I think this is the guy, I want to spend every minute with. I dream about him, not every night, but when I do I wake up in tears. I miss him so much, and the sad part is I dont know where he is. So this is a plea for help! I'm looking for a guy named Josh Churchwell. I am NOT stalking him! I mean he lives in (as far as I know) in Colorado! I live in Virginia, but I see him every summer. I would wait till… Continue

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The End

A few weeks ago my best friend and I got in a fight, so I wrote her a poem because we always did that to let each other know our true feelings...P.S! Neither of us is a lesbian even though this may sound a little gay..:)

The End

I guess this is it

Did it come to soon?

Or not soon enough.

Just say it!

Loud and clear

So even God can hear

Why did it happen?

No one knows,

But it was for a stupid reason

So im sorry I… Continue

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He use to love me...

So i was texting this guy last night and i broke up with not knowing why. Now im deeply in love with him just from the conversation last night. i told him i did but he is going out with somebody else. i keep hoping he will come back but i dont think he will. please give me some advice, should i still tell him i love him? i mean its the truth... or should i give him up. i think i made him feel really bad, but as soon as he said he felt bad i told him not too...help!

Me: Are you at… Continue

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Not about love, but family issues.

Omg! So i had like the worst day in my middle school today. I forgot to do my homework, so i got in trouble with that and worst i forgot to do a project and she wont take it late! Then in english my crazy teacher, Mrs. Hendricks, was being a real...well...bitch, about everything. Finally during last block, this girl, one of my friends, that i had gotten into a fight (no hitting, just yelling) with had been talking with me and now we are friends, but idk what my best friend in the world will… Continue

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Proud Of Myself

Hi! Im soooooo proud of myself! A few weeks ago I found this sight because I needed something to ease my pain, now I have eased my heart breaking pain and will only be on here to update stories or read posts... or maybe just talk,but otherwise.....Adios!

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More From School Of Secrets...

So after Brandon and Rachel hooked up, Brandon decides to take her to meet his werewolf friends...

We walked into the house. I was so nervous. But I had to pull myself together. When I entered the room full of immortal humans I knew that everybody could feel the tension. I was surprised that nobody jumped into attack mode, or as they called it ‘Phasing’. Everyone was staring at me. Waiting for somebody to say some thing. Thank god. Brandon spoke up.

“Everyone I would like you… Continue

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Entry from the book I am writing: School Of Secrets (Love story) This Chapter is called Locked

Barely anybody was in C block. I knew where they all where, in the office. I was one not to complain though. Who ever this kid was I was about to find out. “Okay class, please close your books. I would like you to meet Brandon.” Mrs. Hendricks was smiling, but in her eyes you could see the strength that she held against holding her nose. In came a guy, but as soon as our eyes met they locked until I finally pried them away. He was the most beautiful werewolf I have ever seen. “Brandon is 17 and… Continue

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Listen!!! It's my Love Story


Listen!!! That’s what everybody saying

Listen!!! I hear Santa’s sleigh!

But I don’t care about Santa

Because lately, I’ve been feeling depressed.

All I want to hear is your talking.

All I want to listen to is your breathing

For every time you sigh, I melt away

I melt into a world unknown

But you always pull me back up again

I only see you in the summer

You get cuter every year

I wish I had your number

So you could… Continue

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True Love

I think I am in True Love. But, is it possible to find love at 13? But there are tons of problems with this. The guy I like is 16, im 13. He lives in Colorado, I live in Virginia. Oh, and I found out from my cousin, that he was put into a mental institute! See every summer I go and visit my family in Colorado. That is where I met Josh. But the mental institute he was put in is in Denver, 2 hours away from where he lives! WHat am I going to do? I dream about him, but I can't think of him without… Continue

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