i am so very confused about this relationship that i have now. he is my love but not the only guy that i really love most. i know i can move him someday but now is not the time to giving up.
were having sex every month even he already married and had his own family. . i care about his family but i so much care about myself because i dont want to hurt myself anymore, i know that he loves me so much, but he do love his family also. i dont care what people say about our relationship, but all i cae is both of us. i really really love him so much. he dont want me to loss him.

time comes that went to manila and doing something, but he felt jelous and mad why do i leave him, .
after days i go back to cebu, i was able to txt him and inform him that i already here in cebu but he didn't reply me back. i know that he getting mad at me. i really dont know why he do me like this, i thought he loves me. but when we talk with his friend. his friend said that he was jelous because maybe i went to manila just because of my ex boyfriend , because all he knows that my ex bf was living there. i thats not really true.
i really confusing. i was able to talk with him and explain him everything, but he refuse me. i let him act like that coz i understand his side maybe. even i dont. were not communicating for 2 months almost. but when the time comes that he was txted me to ask me how i am, and he realy miss me so much. he want me to go back with him, he asking me for married but how can i acccept that if he still married to others. i really love him,. i really want to get married with him but i dont know why. :-(

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Comment by SUELA on September 28, 2009 at 5:56am
rachel,the best thing you can do for the both of you is/to leave him and stop to hurt your self and continue with your own life because you are young and you must live.I wish you the best.
Comment by L_o_v_e_l_y on September 25, 2009 at 1:28am
From the start...having that relationship is really a mistake and once a mistake will always be a mistake. Base on what happen, He never really love u. Just take it this way...maybe God give that situation to u because he want u to think again, maybe its time for u to move on. Forget what he said about marrying because if he do then he must did it before. Life is too short to stress your self being in that situation. There are so many things in life that is so wonderful and give ur self a chance to explore each of it.
Comment by rachel abella on September 23, 2009 at 12:06am
hahai, . .
i tried to forget him. yah! but i know its not that easily . . anyway, thank you for commenting me. i will think your comments guy what is better things to do. i tried to love someone else, jsut to forget him. .
Comment by harley enco on September 22, 2009 at 9:20am
dont text him anymore try not to love him
maybe he's really not jealous coz if somebody loves u so much they cant stand not to talk to u
he's not jealous he just want to stop ur relationship ok
Comment by dimples fate on September 22, 2009 at 3:21am
u know that your relationship is wrong coz hes married...
but still u do it coz u love him too much....u were able to live for 2 months w/ o,,,,that means u can leave him..u can be able to live w/ out his presence in ur life...as wat i can say is,,,he juz using u & ur body,,maybe wen theyre ok w/ his wife..he dont bother to call u or see u,but if they have conflicts & problems hell easily call u up to forget his problems,,,hes juz using u,,,,u know ur juz destroying urself by having him,,,but as well as his family
he always said to 2 u to get married to give u false hop so that u will not broke or end relationship,,,,as u said u dont want to marry him coz in fact u open ur eyes to reality but still ur afraid to be hurt & be alone in life,,,ur common sense dictates u that u dont have future w/ him,,,but still ur heart hopes that u can still be together,,,
he will leave u soon wen u become useless in his life & hell find again another woman to replace u,as wat he did to his family ryt now...

***better end your relationship & think for your own good,,i know its hard to do it,,but your on your stepping stone already by doing it for 2 months w/o communicating to him,,,,so that youll not be hurt more if he will totally leave u behind...pray to God for guidance..good luck


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