Will love find you if you stop looking?Im not sure i can stop looking, im longing to find that feeling that my friends talk about i thought i was in love once , but i found out that he was only an obsession, a waste of time.I want to feel that easiness with a guy, that when i look at him, i know he thinks of me and i know that no matter what he will be in my arms at the end of the night. I dont want to be a jealous person, and i dont want a jealous person. I dont know if i will ever find him, but the loneliness I have is starting to show through, why are my feelings soo tough to hide now? Why do i get angry all the time and feel as though i need to be angry in order to feel better. This is not right, this is not me. How do i find myself again?

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Comment by Kortnii Jack♥ on September 28, 2009 at 5:00pm
thnks :)
Comment by SUELA on September 28, 2009 at 5:48am
your self, you can find deep into your heart,that's my advice,I wish you the best
Comment by Kortnii Jack♥ on September 24, 2009 at 1:55pm
Awwe, i know exactly were your coming from, It does hurt to lisen. Thank you, and i wish you the best as well... :)
Comment by jon on September 24, 2009 at 1:37am
i know how u feel.....i've never really searched for love but i'll kinda peek around here and there.....then when i decide to dedicate too much time and effort into a situation it ends up bad.......n i tend to get down about it but i know its just a part of life soo i move on as quickly as possible.......and i know how u felt man i thought she was it when i met her and i didnt wanna break anything she had but i wanted to make myself important to her........but when all was said and done she found another guy she really likes and im happy for her.........even though it hurts terribly to listen to her talk about how great he is and watnot i just really wanna be here for her no matter wat becuz i promised it and shes still very important to me.........andim glad i have a good friend whos been able to help she's awesome she doesnt say much but she sits there and listens its a great feeling to know someone is listening even if they don't care which i think she does but idk i really appreciate her......i think if we stop searching soo hard we'll find wat we've been looking for but i wish u good luck in finding ur love and in finding urself.....i think u stop looking so hard u'll find urself cuz she's been there along :)


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