Entry from the book I am writing: School Of Secrets (Love story) This Chapter is called Locked

Barely anybody was in C block. I knew where they all where, in the office. I was one not to complain though. Who ever this kid was I was about to find out. “Okay class, please close your books. I would like you to meet Brandon.” Mrs. Hendricks was smiling, but in her eyes you could see the strength that she held against holding her nose. In came a guy, but as soon as our eyes met they locked until I finally pried them away. He was the most beautiful werewolf I have ever seen. “Brandon is 17 and he has come from the school of Washington Werewolves.” I studied him carefully. He had short black hair. His skin was beautifully tanned. And he had the most perfect brown eyes. “Lets see. Rachel, who sits next to you?”
“Nobody.” I answered.
“Wonderful! Brandon you will sit next to Rachel.” The only reason she put him next to me, is because she knew I could control my thirst, and my thoughts.
“Hi. I’m Rachel. But I guess you might have figured that already.” He was all tensed up. I could feel him trying to decide if he should answer. I relaxed him a bit. Then he looked at me startled. But slowly a smile crossed his face.
“How did you do that?” he asked. I shrugged. But as I did I made him tense again. “Oops! Didn’t mean to do that.” His face was a bit in pain. “Sorry. I’m still a bit bad at it.”
“No, its cool. I’m surprised that you didn’t turn like all these other bloodsucking killers. No offense.” He looked to make sure I was okay.
“Non taken. But I actually have not killed any humans. Yet.”
“What about wolves?”
“Once. But I don’t like the taste of your blood.” Once again that smile crossed his face. The bell rang and I jumped and hit the ceiling.
“That’s not embarrassing!” I laughed
“Who do you have next class?”
“Mrs. Johnson.”
“Me too. We can walk together.
So suddenly I was walking to class with my main rival enemy. But I really liked it. And I could feel that he did too.

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Comment by Blush Riz on February 20, 2010 at 2:00pm
I like it it reminds me of twilight but I like the twist of how everyone else are vamps and then one wolf!!! I'm loving it! please do post more...
Comment by Rachel on February 17, 2010 at 4:43pm
I hope you guys like it and if you want more please tell me because i have 3 books about it, oh and Brandon is a werewolf Rachel and everbdy else is vamps!! :' ^ )


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