So i was texting this guy last night and i broke up with not knowing why. Now im deeply in love with him just from the conversation last night. i told him i did but he is going out with somebody else. i keep hoping he will come back but i dont think he will. please give me some advice, should i still tell him i love him? i mean its the truth... or should i give him up. i think i made him feel really bad, but as soon as he said he felt bad i told him not!

Me: Are you at skateland?

Cody: no

Me O well u kno that new boy that rides our bus, he gets off at the 2nd bus stop

Cody: Yes

Me: Do you think he would go out with me? Cause he was so flirting with me on the bus and he is really cute.

Cody: Idk

Me: Oh well I hope we have a substitute bus tomorrow.
Hows the gf going?

Cody: Good, and tomorrow is Saturday

Me: Oh yeah lol, um…I have to tell you something…


Me: I regret breaking up with you, and I am truly sorry with all my heart.

Cody: Its ok

Me: No it’s not! I was stupid and being a bitch…I….Im so SORRY! God stop making me cry!

Cody: I feel bad now.

Me: no! don’t! I never meant for you to feel bad.

Cody: So what are you doing?

Me: Texting you

Cody: You know im take by tiffany **(McDaniel)** thou

Me: Yeah I know. God, why does my life have to be so messed up, and why do you have to be so perfect?

Cody: I am not perfect and your life is perfect

Me: Yeah right! You know what my life is like! Besides your perfect to me.

Cody: How is your life messed up?

Me: My mom for ex, y did she have to leave me? Explain that one to me.

Cody: Idk and im sorry

Me: Thanks ☹

Cody: So why am I the perfect one?

Me: Lol! Your eyes, you make me laugh, and your extremely cute.

Cody: When did you start liking me?

Me: Since last year in 7th grade, even during the summer when I saw josh, never stopped.

Cody: You know im taken by tiff thou

Me: Yeah I know! Please stop telling me, it hurts to much

Cody: K so what are you doing

Me: Same thing I was doin last time, cept now with a heart full of pain and undercovers.

Cody: so

Me: So what?

Cody: so im hungry

Me: Lol! Ur so random! It’s like 11 at night how r u hungry?

Cody: Cause I haven’t eaten anything all day

Me: o

Cody: so

Me: Im tired of texting bout you y did u ask me out the first time?

Cody: Cause you make me smile and ur cute.

Me: Cute? You mean past all the disgusting pimpuls…but awwwww

Cody: Wow.

Me: So what? I cant just pretend this conversation never happened, cause everytime I see u ill think of this.

Cody: I love tiffany thou

Me: I can see that, just 1 more question

Cody: What

Me: at any point in time did you love me?

Cody: Yes when we where going out and before that

Me: Love you too, bye.

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Comment by laura contreras on March 16, 2010 at 8:20pm
tell him how u feel even if its too late
just get it out of u so u can start to move on
atleast u know that u tried
Comment by star apple on March 9, 2010 at 11:04pm
you love him a lot huh??


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