Ok. Lets see. This is how my life is going. The guy I like, likes my best friend. My best friend is trying to set us up (she likes a guy that propsed to a 13 year old!) I really want to go out with this guy (the one I like) but, I dont think he will go out with me because he likes my friend. And I told my friend that if she likes him she can go out with him, but she said she doesnt. But this guy is a friend of mine and he is really funny, and some people dont like him but I dont care what they think because I do. So yepp...

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Comment by Sarah Lee Waddell on October 3, 2010 at 7:29pm
wow, thats confuseing. well any way. I think that u should give him a shout. life is worth living and you dont want to look back woundering wat would have happened. He could end up liking u more and if he says no then he missing out on a great girl.


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