i have a boyfriend right now, were be almost a 3 years in this relationship. his the guy who get my virginity and everything from me. i love him and i know he loves me too.
that boyfriend of mine now is have many secrets of mine that i didnt know yet before. his a mysterious guy, i know. but because of that mystery i had meet a guy which is had a similarity of my boyfriend. even were not too much closer but we having sex, dating and we know were enjoying. but he didnt know that i have a boyfriend that time when we do that things.
3 days after, the guy want me to meet his brother. when i meet his brother i was really shock that his brother is my mystery boyfriend which is already married since we are in relationship. he lied me for a years about his status that i am a mistress. i really felt so hurt i almost kill myself about what noticed.
but he say sorry and explain everything because i know he really loves me and he dont let me to know about this matter coz he dont want me to lost him.

till now i admitt that i am a mistress, atleast he still my heart and his always beside me. buit about his brother we only communicate sometimes.

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