is it necessary to left a person that loves you so much?do you really need to hurt that person just to stop loving you?

       for me,its not right.yes, im in love with my friend and because of what i felt he left me behind--it ruined my life.I saw him last november 30,2010 where he rented a room and in that time i felt something fishy every time i saw him.after 8 months,we officially became friends and we hang-out together or let say we're dating to some people -- they thought that we're committed to each other.And because of that hang-outs together I cant help myself to fall in love.He's nice and his true to me.And every time we were together,I cant stop myself to express what i felt.After 1 month of hang-outs there was something happen/unexpected thing happened -- we had sex that time.That time,i felt heaven here on earth.No words that i can described what i fell and how much i love him.Even though we're just friends i dint have any regrets of what we've done because i really love him.even though we dont have any communication right now,i want him to know that despite of what happened i still love him.and i will treasure all the moments that we had even in a short time that we were together.Before i became independent to him and now I'm looking forward even if it is so hard for me to do it.

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