I'm in love for the first time. He's so special to me. He cares about me so much. He's currently with his family in a different state. Adults and other teenagers would probably say we won't last. I think we will. Some girls say to watch out because he may just say he loves you when he doesn't. He does though. No man cries when his girlfriend leaves. He calls me everyday. He's the first person to text me in the morning and he's the last before I go to sleep. He write me these little poems and letters if he's feeling a certain way and can't explain it. He's never pressured me into do anything. He's okay with the fact that we aren't having sex. We have these amazing dates. He told me he loved me in the middle of a field area were there was faint music playing in the background. Will play board games and basketball. He's made me diner and i've also done the same for him. He got me the biggest teddy bear for Valentines Day. Literally bigger than me. If I'm holding to much stuff he'll hold some for me so he can hold my hand. He puts up with me even when I'm being a bitch. We have our moments and we're not perfect but I love him. I want to spend as much time with him as I can. 

How was everyone else's first love?



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