Listen!!! That’s what everybody saying
Listen!!! I hear Santa’s sleigh!
But I don’t care about Santa
Because lately, I’ve been feeling depressed.

All I want to hear is your talking.
All I want to listen to is your breathing
For every time you sigh, I melt away
I melt into a world unknown
But you always pull me back up again

I only see you in the summer
You get cuter every year
I wish I had your number
So you could make me laugh again.

But you are 16 and I’m only 13
We can never be together
For that is the person you are

But I want you so badly
I want to smell your sweet chocolate breath
I want to live with you forever
But maybe it’s to late for that.

So when I heard you had a girlfriend
When I say the wedding invitation
I thought to myself “why?” Why would he choose her?
The worst part of all, is that it’s my cousin
She knew how much I loved you…
She knew how fragile I was
She knew that if she went with you
That I would commit suicide

So a few months later, I showed up at your wedding
During the vows, and rings
You could not take your eyes off me.

I held it in until the kiss
But then I started to cry
You came over to me and asked for a dance
But I shook my head and left

That night you called me over, and over
But I wasn’t there to pick up
You thought I was just mad
But you wished your wife was me

You could not go to sleep
So you decided to watch the news
You could not believe what you saw
And then you started to ball

That night I had gotten home
I got a long strong ribbon
And wrote you a letter
Then I stepped on a stool
Tying the ribbon around my neck

What the police saw, was devistating
For they saw my lifeless body
Hanging there, in the air.
The police found my note
They also found my will

The next morning everyone was grieving
Josh tore open the note
When he read it he cried

I watched him divorce my cousin
I watched him grow old
But, when he died peacefully
We where together again

We where both young
Just as our love had been
And he looked at me and said…

I love you!!!

Here is the note and Will!

Dear Josh,
I have loved you all my life but you never gave me a chance. I’m so sorry you had to see me this way. But please!!! Don’t give up your life! I will always be watching you! And I want you to be happy. Don’t grieve over me like everyone else. That hurts me. And I know that you are stronger than that. When you become old and slowly die, I will be waiting for you. I promise I won’t date anyone else in Heaven! Hahaha! Well I guess I’ll see you when I see you! Love Rachel

P.S-I love you….:)

Here is the will….

Josh gets everything!!!

Here are the burial instructions:

I want to be cremaded, But listen carefully! When Josh is dead, and he gets buried. Put me with him in his grave! That way I know we will always be together.

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Comment by Muhammad Yameen on February 11, 2010 at 2:18pm
wht the hell u r
texting ..
such a bore person


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