Man's best friend is Woman's best friend too!

My name is Rabia. I love dogs and have since I was a kid. Remember my blog “My First Time”. My husband does not like dogs so poor me, I'm living dog-less.

Nazli is my best friend. She was going to England for a summer vacation and was looking for someone to look after both her luxury condo and her big Labrador Retriever, Romeo. She didn't have to ask me twice. Romeo is a real sweetheart. I didn't like staying in my house with my husband much any way because it was without pets and I and my husband were fighting all the time on a slight disagreement. And believe me, we disagreed on every thing. Moreover, I absolutely L-O-V-E Nazli's apartment and thought this was an opportunity to stay away from my husband for a while. So I jumped at the chance to stay there for three weeks. She had a jacuzzi, satellite tv, maid service and the use of an exercise room and heated pool.

Sometimes lately I thought I missed sex with my husband. Then I realized what I was missing was not him but real orgasms. I hadn't had sex for a whole month now, and it seemed like cumming was always on my mind. Sometimes I literally couldn't think of anything else. I masturbated in the shower every morning as well as every night when I went to bed, but it just wasn't the same as having real sex. I'd even gone to a Sex Shop and bought myself several dildoes: a big fat one, a vibrating one, and a pretty bend-y purple one that penetrated both my cunt and my asshole. But nothing did the trick for long. In my quest for new sensations, I even tried wearing a butt-plug, but ended up taking it out because it was too uncomfortable.

Romeo was quite simply a beautiful creature. He was just a big ole baby with a shiny black coat, a broad trusting face, and huge, liquid brown eyes that would melt any girl's heart. Oh, yeah, and a big pink tongue . . . When I stepped out of the shower the first night I stayed there, Romeo was laying in the middle of the bedroom floor with my panties between his front paws, sniffing and chewing. He was so . . . cute, but my panties were ruined. When I took them away from him, he rolled over on his back and I got a full-on view of his huge erect penis. It took my breath away.

I hated leaving him alone all day while I went out; it just didn't seem right. As soon as I walked through the door the next day, he lunged at me and buried his big wet nose between my legs, almost knocking me down. I took him for a short walk in the park. Then I ate dinner and drank a few glasses of wine. I watched a little tv and checked my e-mail while Romeo played in the back yard. My husband was on the rampage and had screamed and yelled all day, so I was exhausted and decided to stay in Nazli’s apartment and go to bed early. I showered quickly, grabbed my new vibrating dildo and slid between the sheets.

Romeo walked up and down the hall, whining and scratching outside the bedroom door as I laid in bed and spread my legs. As I closed my eyes, I remembered Romeo's massive penis; his big ole doggie dick. I imagined it sliding in and out of my gaping cunt. I slid the vibrating dildo up against my clitoris and worked it in and out of my throbbing pussy until I threw back my head, moaned a few times and came better than I had since my sex with my husband. After my orgasm, I was rested enough to drift off to sleep.

The next morning, it was hard to get dressed and ready to go out because Romeo wouldn't keep his nose out of my crotch. And it was hard to shove him away because I couldn't believe how good his nose felt there. I kept wanting to lay back and open my legs . . . While I was driving to home, I had to admit that just thinking about his big cold nose in my pussy made me hot. Incredibly hot. I thought about it all day; I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was so hot that everytime I peed, I had to touch myself and make myself cum. I was becoming truly wired. I couldn't believe I was actually thinking about having sex with a dog !

Romeo greeted me royally by shoving his nose way up my skirt when I returned to Nazli’s apartment. I'd had another tiring day, and what I really wanted was to spread my legs, then grab his big head and hold it in place, but I fought the urge. I had a plan. I pushed his head away and let Romeo out in the yard. Then I ate a carton of yogurt and a handful of raisins while I got online. I knew what I was looking for, but I wasn't exactly sure how to find it. So I surfed around for awhile, truly shocking myself with some of the things I was finding.

Wow ! These photos were making me so wet I had to touch my clitoris and make myself cum. Photo after photo of incredibly gorgeous women having sex with dogs; all breeds of dogs. Women with their legs spread wide apart and a doggie's nose shoved up their cunts. Beautiful women on all fours being mounted by big dogs. Women with their mouths stuffed full of doggie dick. Women with doggie cum dribbled on their boobs and faces. It was all too much. I couldn't keep my fingers out of my steamy pussy. I started reading stories about women having sex with dogs. I checked out photos and more photos; I read for hours and hours. I was online until my head spun and my eyes hurt.

Finally, I tore myself away. I showered and waxed my pussy. I waxed once a month because I liked the way a smooth, perfectly hairless cunt looked and felt. From time to time, I'd entertained myself with thoughts of getting a pussy piercing, but I always chickened out when the time arrived. I didn't bother getting dressed after my shower. I barely bothered to dry off. I was literally shaking with excitement as I walked naked to the kitchen. Romeo loved tuna. I opened a can of it and poured it into a bowl. Then I opened the back door and let big Romeo come bounding in.

He greeted me as usual by thrusting his massive head into my crotch. This time I didn't move it away like I'd always done before. Instead, I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down the hall after me, the bowl of tuna in my other hand. I folded a big towel and put it on the bed. I carefully positioned my ass on it with my legs spread wide open. Romeo sat back on his haunches and looked at me. I smeared a little tuna on my cunt, pushing some inside my pussy so he'd have to dig for it with his tongue. Then I leaned back and called the dog. I closed my eyes and shuddered as Romeo's cold nose began to probe my open cunt. I felt guilty and a little ashamed, but I couldn't remember ever feeling this hot and wet before.

And then an electric shock tore right through me. Romeo's huge tongue began to lap at my clitoris and labia (pussy lips). It was a lot bigger and rougher than I'd expected it to be. I nearly came right then and there. His massive paws were on top of my thighs, holding me down - and his tongue couldn't tear itself away from my sopping tuna-filled pussy. Romeo was licking at my cunt faster and faster now, trying to get it inside to get to all the tuna. My hips were beginning to buck and I felt my breath coming in small, shallow gasps. I was racing towards an incredibly explosive orgasm made even more intense by the knowledge I was allowing a dog to eat me out. I came so hard I nearly passed out. But Romeo wouldn't stop licking, so I closed my legs and rolled over. I felt his cold nose going for my asshole, so I spread my ass cheeks apart and gave him easy access to my butt hole. He licked away happily. I shuddered as I came again in a matter of seconds.

I woke up half an hour later with my legs spread and Romeo's giant pink tongue going at my pussy again. I was more than a little ashamed of myself, but I'd already let him make me cum twice, so what the hell did it matter now? I spread my legs as wide as possible and let him do what he wanted. I lost count of how many orgasms I had. The next thing I remember is seeing bright yellow sunlight pouring through the windows and feeling Romeo's big warm doggie head nestled firmly between my thighs. Warm doggie drool ran down the inside of my legs. Romeo snored gently. I reluctantly moved him off me and showered. My clitoris was extremely sensitive this morning, and I really wasn't in the mood to go out. Maybe I could manage to come back a few hours early. I really hated telling Romeo good-bye . . .

It was impossible to keep my mind on anything, that's for sure. So I faked being sick and left home not long after lunch. On my way back I took a bottle of vodka from my husband’s stock and stopped at a store to buy some cranberry juice. My cunt was as hot as a firecracker. It had been dripping all day long. I was beginning to make myself crazy with guilt, though.

I slipped out of my panties soon after I got out of my car and on entering Nazli‘s apartment. I walked through her front door and immediately spread my legs wide for Romeo's usual greeting. He didn't disappoint me. I leaned up against the wall and let his big, rough doggie tongue lick my clitoris and my labia (cuntlips) until I screamed out loud and banged my head against the wall. My cum ran down between my butt cheeks. My knees were so weak I nearly collapsed. I could barely catch my breath.

Then I sent Romeo out to play in the backyard while I made myself a vodka and cranberry juice; a nice stiff one. I had a plan. I really wanted some doggie dick tonight, and I knew I'd never be able to go through with it if I was sober. If I was actually going to let Romeo's big doggie dick ram itself deep into my pussy - and I was pretty sure I was going to do it - I was going to have to be looped. Really looped. So I sucked down half a bottle's worth of drinks.

Then I made another stiff drink and left it waiting for me on the bedroom floor. I stumbled to the door and let Romeo in. Romeo was a big dog, and I'm not a very large woman, so he bounded over to me and promptly knocked me down on my ass, immediately burying his big tongue in my eager snatch. I sighed, leaned back and spread my legs and let him eat me until I came over and over again and my pussy was all wet and soppy. Then I closed my legs and rolled over and took his big doggie dick first with my hands and as it started to grow, then I took it in my mouth and sucked it to make it hard.

After he was hard like a rod and burning hot, I got in a position on all fours and grabbed the drink, which I downed all in one gulp. Then I raised my ass high up in the air and spread my legs apart, my cunt wide open and ready. I took a deep breath and decided it was now or never. I told Romeo to "stay" and I backed up until his dick was barely touching my cunt. I was consumed with lust now - lust mixed with shame - with fond memory of Samson (our pet dog when I was just 15) I pulled my labia (cuntlips) open and slowly backed up onto Romeo's fully erect penis. My pussy was oozing as it enveloped Romeo's hard cock. I slid up and down on it a few times, and then he took charge and began fucking me. His penis felt huge inside me. It completely filled my pussy and put exactly the right amount of pressure on my clitoris. By now, I was positively crazed with lust. The pace of his fucking both intensified and speeded up. I couldn't believe I was screwing a dog ! His big hard knob was rubbing up against my g spot. The monster orgasm that wracked my body wasn't the only one Romeo treated me to that night. It was so wonderful and better than I had ever experienced. When I compare the experience with my husband I feel sorry for our pathetic and unexciting sex life.

And we (Romeo and aye) had more than two weeks before Nazli returned. I planned to make the most of them . . .

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Comment by Skyla Mills on June 8, 2010 at 5:49pm
So is it really true that you had sex with both dogs? Is it really true?
Comment by LOveLY Ciudad on May 18, 2010 at 9:44pm
So yucky my friend..............very disgusting...But its okay,,,,You alreday addicted by a sex.
Comment by Alyssa Barnes on November 19, 2009 at 2:59pm
wow i had no idea people could have sex with animals but from reading this im all wet..


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