So after Brandon and Rachel hooked up, Brandon decides to take her to meet his werewolf friends...

We walked into the house. I was so nervous. But I had to pull myself together. When I entered the room full of immortal humans I knew that everybody could feel the tension. I was surprised that nobody jumped into attack mode, or as they called it ‘Phasing’. Everyone was staring at me. Waiting for somebody to say some thing. Thank god. Brandon spoke up.
“Everyone I would like you to meet Rachel.”
“Hey Rachel. I’m Aaron.” Aaron was the tallest of all. The alpha of the group. His hair was cut into a long mo hawk.
“Hey I’m Seth.” Seth was short and different. He really didn’t look like he could be a wolf, I don’t think he is even Indian.
“I’m Nikkii! Brandon’s sister. Pleased to meet you!” She was kind of tall. She had long legs. Figured that she could run faster then the rest. Go Girls!
“Pleased to meet you too.”
“This is Jessica.” Jessica had light green eyes. But every time I looked at her they where a different color. Her eyes gave away her mood.
“Rachel, I’m Cody.” Cody was short and had a bit of fat on his belly. “And Malcolm couldn’t join us.”
“I really am pleased to meet you all.” I smiled my best smile (without showing my teeth) and lifted the tension in the room a tiny bit. Brandon smiled. “Hey Rachel?” It was Seth. “How fast are you?”
“Pretty fast” I answered.
“You want to race?”
“Yeah!” I looked up at Brandon, just to make sure. He nodded. When we all walked outside Seth phased. “Sweet” I said. He barked a laugh. Aaron explained the rules. “Go down to the end of the forest and back. No short cuts! On your mark. Get set. Go!” We were off neck and neck at first. Then I started to really enjoy it. I started to drift forward. Reaching the end of the forest, I did a quick u-turn and headed back. Seth was right at my heels. Then I left him eating my dirt. I finished first. Everybody was cheering. I raced all of them and beat them. Finally it was Brandon and I. He did not go easy on me. We both gave it all we had, back in three seconds we both finished at the same time. A tie. But my legs just couldn’t stop moving. Finally, after 10 times around the forest Brandon had to tackle me and waited till I calmed down to let me up.
“Sorry, my legs have a personality of their own.” I looked at everybody, all smiling. And I myself smiled my best real smile, and knew I was accepted.

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