My Father-in-Law left me hungry for more

Last summer I decided to take my son to visit his paternal grandparents. My in-laws used to live near us, but when my father in law Chaudhary Rahim Khan retired, they decided to sell their house in Lahore and move to their native town near Gujrat. I had always gotten along very well with my in-laws and they were just crazy about the boy. They had always treated me like a daughter ever since my husband, Ahmed and I had become engaged.

The boy had just finished with his school year and we thought it would be a wonderful trip for all of us if we went to visit. The only problem was Ahmed had just started a new job and was unable to get the time off work, so we went ahead without him. Once the van was loaded up with all our luggage and aye and my son had settled in we were off with the driver pulling the car out of driveway on to the neighborhood streets and finally on the Highway.

Earlier, inside the house Ahmed hugged Mufie (our son) and me, and I kissed back Ahmed goodbye with a smoldering kiss while I gripped his crotch and told him he better miss me and that I would be counting down the days until I got back for our planned night of erotic fun. Lord knows I was going to need it badly by the time I got back. He once again hugged and kissed Mufie goodbye.

The drive was pretty uneventful and after a couple of hours driving, we finally arrived at my in-laws. We were received at the front door with my in-laws hugging and kissing both of us. They were very affectionate and the welcoming hugging and kissing was warmer than usual as unlike in Lahore we were meeting after a long time since my in-laws moved to Gujrat and they had obviously missed us. My father-in-law (FIL) who was always very fond of me would not let me out of his sight and made me sit next to him and constantly and lovingly caressed by arm and my back. His loving and affection eyes constantly fixed on me and they listen to me attentively. I was moved by his warm gesture and realized how much they loved us and how much they missed us.

The house was a decent size, but I soon found out that they only had one guestroom in their home. They had turned the third bedroom into an office for Chaudhary Sahib (as everyone called my father-in-law). That meant that Mufie and I would be sharing the guestroom and the only bed. This was bad. Not because I didn’t want to be around my son, but because I had a very strong sexual appetite and I need sex every day and I mean I NEED it, or I get very, very tense. I was not overly thrilled with the prospect of a week without any privacy. I could feel the ache building up in my pussy already! I was desperate to have a good hard cum. If worse came to worse I would have to hide away in the bathroom and use my trusty vibrator that I had packed along.

The day after we arrived, my mother-in-law (MIL) took Mufie into town to the local theatre to see the summer blockbuster movie, The Transformers. Mufie was thrilled, but not as much as I was, knowing I would have a chance for some privacy. FIL had already left and had gone on his daily visit to the club where he would exchange notes on politics and economy and wouldn’t be back for a while. I told MIL that I wanted to stay home and read a book. I honestly did plan to read a book and relax, but not before I had a sweet cum session with my handy dandy toy cock!

As soon as MIL and Mufie pulled out of the driveway and I watched them head down the street and round the corner, I bolted back into the house, ran to the guestroom, closed and locked the door and stripped off my pajamas into a heap and grabbed my 8.5” rabbit vibrator from deep inside my luggage. At least I thought I had locked the door.

I flopped onto the bed onto my back and ran my hand up and down my smooth firm naked body. It looked and felt pretty damn good for having delivered a baby. I cupped my firm 36C tits and pulled and pinched my nipples until they were hard. The fire in my loins was beginning to heat up. I closed my eyes and immediately pictured Jamal, the hot new male aerobics instructor at my gym. He was big and handsome. I was smitten with lust as I watched him walk into my aerobics class. You could literally hear an audible gasp from several of the women. Since he started the aerobics classes have been booked solid.

I slid my hand down between my thighs and slipped a finger gently along my shaved smooth slit feeling the glistening dew leaking from my tingling slit imagining it was Jamal. Oh my, it felt so good. I imagined I was lying alone in the sauna at the gym, wearing just the gym’s short white towel around my body and nothing else. I hear the sauna door open and through the steamy mist I see Jamal enter with a small towel wrapped around his slim and fit waist. He closes the door behind him and moves towards me and tells me he has waited for this moment to be alone with me since the first day he saw me in his class. He then drops the towel to the floor where I am greeted with the sight of his very hard 9” cock and his beautiful dark muscular body. He begins to kiss me passionately sending jolts of electricity through my whole body, but more importantly into my pussy. Immediately as I felt his tongue probe my mouth, I could feel my juices flowing.

My finger slipped into my warm wet lips and teased my swelling clitoris. With my other hand I then slid the tip of my vibrator into my love hole. I paused, imagining that it was Jamal’s delicious cock, I whispered, “Fuck me Jamal, fuck my sweet pussy.’ I then slid that vibe slowly yet deeply into my pussy. Gasping as I felt it fill me up inside I began to write on the bed, imagining how good Jamal felt pressed against me, kissing his soft sensuous mouth, my hand pressed against his tight broad chest, playing with his hardened nipple. The more I played the more I was swept up into my fantasy.

I opened my legs wide to welcome all of Jamal deep inside me; I began to thrust the vibrator in and out of soaking wet pussy. My juices were beginning to trickle down my ass. Moaning I rubbed my clitoris harder, feeling the building of my climax. I wanted it to last so I slid the vibrator back out and slid it up and down my sensitive lady parts. My mind went back to my fantasy where Jamal told me he just had to taste me, and slid down my body licking and kissing my tits and belly along the way until he reached my smooth mound. Gazing at my pussy, he spreads the lips open wide and gives my clitoris a quick flit with his tongue making me gasp. I hear Jamal’s voice tell me I have the most prettiest of lady parts he’s ever seen and buries his mouth onto my pussy. My finger worked on my clitoris as I imagined Jamal’s tongue licking and sucking it.

While I was deep into my fantasy of Jamal fucking me in the sauna, I heard the bedroom door open and someone saying, “I’m sorry!” I looked up quickly to catch a glimpse of FIL fleeing the room holding a box of light bulbs. Sexually frustrated, I threw on my pajamas and went after FIL. I figured the best way to handle the situation was to go out and talk to FIL and explain.

I found poor old FIL in the kitchen, blushing furiously. He kept apologizing all over himself. I begged him not to feel so bad, that it was no big deal and I tried to make light of the situation. I did however ask FIL not to say anything to MIL. He assured me that in no way he had any intention of telling her. We both knew that she wouldn’t be overly accepting of the situation.

FIL and I continued talking and I went on to explain to him that I had a very high sex drive. FIL said that he totally understood and that in his day he used to masturbate every day. He went on to say that it was nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about and that it was very natural. He made me laugh when he said if he could still get an erection he would still be masturbating every day. “Thing just don’t work the same as you get older,” he complained.

We continued to talk about sex. He explained that he still very much enjoys going down on MIL. I made a smart ass remark that eating pussy was not a skill that his son had inherited. During all this talk of sex, and my previous heated state before the little interruption, I could feel my pussy juices trickle down my thighs. FIL then suggested that I go ahead back to the guestroom and finish what I had started. He was looking at me in a way I had never seen him look before. It made me feel incredibly feminine, desirable and sexy. I piped up on impulse and asked him if he would like to watch. I felt my heart begin to quicken with horny excitement. FIL replied that what he really wanted to do was to eat my pussy. A jolt of electricity shot through my pussy and I could feel myself getting wetter by the moment. We both agreed that this was going to be a secret between us that we would take to our graves.

FIL eagerly followed me back to the guestroom and sat on the edge of the bed and watched intently as I began to undress in front of him. I was incredibly turned on doing so. He then took my hand and led me to the bed where I then laid on my back and placed a few pillows under my head. The aroma of my pussy juice was already beginning to fill the air. FIL then crawled up between my legs, pausing for a moment as he inhaled my scent. He began to run a finger along my lips and up and down my soaked slit. FIL moaned and said “I’ve seen plenty pussy in my lifetime and Rabia I have to say, you have one of the most beautiful cunt’s I have ever laid eyes on.” He then pressed his mouth onto my pussy and began the most delicious tongue assault I had ever experienced.

His tongue ran up one side and down the other and then down to my anus. I squealed in delight as I had never felt a tongue there before and it was awesome. He flicked his tongue like lightening over my clitoris, sending me into incredible spasms over and over, bringing me ever so close to an earth shattering climax, but would then back off and then bringing me back over and over. “Mmm, Rabia not only do you have a beautiful cunt, you also have the most delicious cunt, my dear,” FIL said as he then buried his tongue into my wet hole. His finger expertly rubbed and tickled my very swollen sensitive clitoris. I was in heaven; never had I had my pussy so wonderfully eaten before. For over a half an hour, FIL was perfectly happy bent between my legs as he licked, sucked and fingered my pussy into so many orgasms, I had lost count.

At one point, after licking and tonguing my anus, he slid a finger into my tight sphincter and began to finger fuck me as he slicked and sucked on my clitoris until I screamed out, ‘OM MY FUCKING WORD! OH BABA YESSSS!” as I thrashed about and bucked hard into his face as I had the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my entire life. I suddenly squirted a huge amount of hot cum all over FIL’s face. He gasped as it flooded his nose and mouth, coughing as it drowned his face. As I began to come down, I could not stop thanking him for the most amazing orgasms I had ever had. He said, “Trust me Rabia, really the pleasure was all mine!”

Over the course of the week, I had hoped that FIL and I would get another opportunity to be alone and have an encore performance before I had to return home to Lahore. I noticed FIL had reduced the time he used to spend in the club with his buddies and spent a lot more time around me. I guess we were both looking for our second chance. It finally came in the afternoon of my last full day in Gujrat. MIL was invited out for a coffee party and Mufie had gone to neighbour’s house where he had made friends with their son.

The very moment MIL sat in the car and driver pulled off the driveway and out of the gate FIL was in guestroom. He came straight to me and pulled me onto the bed and slowly stripped off my black shalwar (baggy pants) and licked his way up my black pantyhose sending shivers through my entire body. I could feel my pussy juices begin to soak through the pantyhose. Obviously I wasn’t wearing any panties. He buried his nose into my wet crotch and groaned as he smelled my scent. He began to run his fingers over my pussy and told me I was a naughty slut. Suddenly he gripped hold of my pantyhose at the crotch and tore a hole in them exposing my bare wet pussy. He pushed my legs back hard and rammed his tongue deep into my pink gash. I gasped, gripped his hair and held his face in tight as he lapped and sucked away on my pussy. Moments later a massive orgasm rocked my body.

He pulled my sheer lacy kameez (shirt) off and feasted on my rock hard nipples while he finger fucked my hungry pussy. His experienced fingers found my g-spot within moments and began rubbing it until I screamed and begged for mercy as orgasm after orgasm riddled my body. I had lost count of how many orgasms I had and I hadn’t even seen his cock yet! He slid back down between my thighs and tongued my pussy as it had never been tongued before. I felt the pressure growing as he worked his magic, and suddenly a huge stream of pussy juice sprayed out soaking his face, his hair, and his clothes. I knew I was a squirter, but never like that before! I lay back to catch my breath as he slipped out of his now very wet clothing. My eyes travelled down his broad shoulders, to the silvered hair on his chest and continued until they stopped at his rock hard cock. I was mesmerized immediately and felt my mouth water as I drank in every detail of his cock and full swollen balls. I needed him immediately!

I pulled him to the edge of the bed and got on my hands and knees facing him, taking his pulsating cock into my hands. My tongue began to dance around his silky helmet and down his rigid shaft to his balls. My hand massaged each testicle before sucking each one into my mouth and savouring the feeling of them in my mouth. My nose buried against his groin, I inhaled his clean soapy scent with a hint of his musk, which made me dizzy with lust and desire. I pumped his cock with one hand while massaging his balls with the other as I licked and sucked. He moaned and groaned; his hands gripped my hair, pleading me to take it all. I obliged and took his cock deep to the back of my throat, pump after pump. I felt his cock swell as he fought the urge to explode in my hot, wet mouth.

I heard him say “Time to fuck you,” and did not believe my FIL would actually fuck me. I reminded him earlier in the week he had told me he could not get his cock to stand anymore. He smiled and told me Rabia, you have done wonders for my little buddy. I looked him in disbelieve as he turned me the opposite direction and plunged his cock into my desperately hungry pussy. His cock filled me completely, as his balls banged against my sensitive clitoris. “Harder,” I begged, “Harder, fuck me good and hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!” He pummeled my pussy, bang after bang, thrust after thrust. It was a good thing the bed was attached to the wall otherwise I’m positive it would have moved to the center of the room from all the thrusting! We sucked, licked, fingered and fucked for three more hours until we were completely spent. We fucked again while showering just before MIL’s and Mufie’s return.

I realize how precious the old man was and how lucky my MIL was. Unfortunately for me, it never happened again. Yet, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since, nor had my pussy stopped hungering for more of that incredible tongue lashing from my father in law. Mah-e-Rukh (my MIL) is indeed a very, very lucky lady.

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Comment by jack baur on November 6, 2012 at 6:08am

great story, your such a naughty girl


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