Not about love, but family issues.

Omg! So i had like the worst day in my middle school today. I forgot to do my homework, so i got in trouble with that and worst i forgot to do a project and she wont take it late! Then in english my crazy teacher, Mrs. Hendricks, was being a real...well...bitch, about everything. Finally during last block, this girl, one of my friends, that i had gotten into a fight (no hitting, just yelling) with had been talking with me and now we are friends, but idk what my best friend in the world will think cause she is still mad at the other girl. Drama, drama, drama. Anyway then i come home and my dad's phone started to ring and I was like, "Want me to get it?" cause i was just going to hand it to him i wasnt planning to answer it, and he was like, "No! Don't touch my phone!" he said it like i had done something wrong! This was after i told him that my day totally sucked! (I left out the not doing homework but i mean come on! I mean we are okay now but im still nervous to face my bff tomorow, and its during 1st block! Omg! Just kill me now! Is it just me or is somebody out to get me? Please comment!

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