I really living in my idea that someday he and me sooner or later become a long-time lover after all the thunders and storms that pass all over our relationship but it was just my FOOL idea .He's just my friend and now he's now an open relationship to girl that i never known before.He's my life ,i know I'm so selfish to think that no one can own him but only me.Because being with him is like a heaven ,yah, i admit that every time we were together we always do the wrong things but never in my life(since i met him) that i  think that being with him is just a BIG mistake.Since he left me I'm always crying when I'm lying on my bed every night, I always thinking of him -- the memories that we've been together is like a gold for me .And since then I'm always praying to God that the best gift that i want to ask from God is the guy i love .

                                                                "nothing but you and only you".

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