A few weeks ago my best friend and I got in a fight, so I wrote her a poem because we always did that to let each other know our true feelings...P.S! Neither of us is a lesbian even though this may sound a little gay..:)
The End

I guess this is it
Did it come to soon?
Or not soon enough.

Just say it!
Loud and clear
So even God can hear

Why did it happen?
No one knows,
But it was for a stupid reason

So im sorry I brought the end so soon
But tonight when your looking at the moon
Think of me, I’ll think of you too.

I don’t care if it sounds gay
But this had always been our way
Of saying goodbye

This is the end
Lives will go on
But mine feels as though
It has stopped in its tracks

It is the beginning for you maybe but for me
This is only the end again.

Another friendship gone but what is weird?
This one I don’t and never will regret.

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