The One Guy, I'm desperatly in Love with....HELP! PLEASE! I DESPERATLY NEED IT!!

This is crazy! I tell myself that everyday. Your only 13! You dont know what love is! But I think this is the guy, I want to spend every minute with. I dream about him, not every night, but when I do I wake up in tears. I miss him so much, and the sad part is I dont know where he is. So this is a plea for help! I'm looking for a guy named Josh Churchwell. I am NOT stalking him! I mean he lives in (as far as I know) in Colorado! I live in Virginia, but I see him every summer. I would wait till next summer but I heard he went: To a mental institution; to jail; to juvy. He cant be in jail or juvy! But I hope hes not in the crazy house either! Please if you know a Josh Churchwell that is in his late teens let me know! He is mexican, has brown hair and eyes, and even though everybody else (my cousins and family that live in colorado)-(that is how i'm pretty sure he's not it jail/juvy)anyway everybody else only can see a messed up dude, I see somebody sweet, and caring. Once again PLEASE HELP! I need to find him, before he pays a visit to God, If you catch my drift. (If you dont catch my drift...I'm afraid he will commit suicide so PLEASE HELP!!!


Please comment if u find anything on him or know him or just want to comment! I'm always here and you can catch me on twitter as RachelAD and if you want my email because you find something catch me on Twitter or leave a comment and I will get back to you. Thanks so much you guys!

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Comment by Nicky on April 13, 2010 at 10:45am
Sorry Rachel, i dont know this guy, but i know how it feels to "love" at 13....


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