Rabia, 32: She never saw herself doing this. She never thought of herself being out in the dating scene. After seven years of marriage and two kids she became a little lonely and a lot bored in her marriage. Her husband who was too much in his job, which also involved extensive traveling was almost always away on business and she felt it was unfair that she had to bear all the burden of parenting. She also had no immediate family or close friends in their area of residence. Rabia wanted to make friends and find a way to distract herself from her dull life. Initially the idea of finding a match from on line dating websites was more to find a support system or a close friend rather than real dating, just to meet people and make friends.

Rabia lived in Karachi but she decided to try Islamabad to see if she could make new friends, because her own family lived there and she had old support system by way of friends and family there, but more importantly it was 1000 miles away and thus safe as she was initially not prepared to be too adventurous - she was looking for just on line chatting and e-mails. Then she found Danish - almost 1000 miles apart! His photo was one of the first attractions. He seemed like a nice, laid-back, easygoing guy who could be a great friend as it appeared they had a lot in common. Also she thought he was much different from her husband who was intense in whatever he did, a little insensitive to her needs but was more of a professional who took his work very seriously and his role as a father was always on the back burner. Rabia sent Danish an email, and told him although she was a 1000 miles away, but went to Islamabad often to see her parents, sister and friends.

Danish, 39: When he first received an email from Rabia, it was at a time when he was going to take a break from dating as he was heart broken because a few years ago he broke up with his wife, who dumped him to get married again with someone she met on line. Next he tried to find a girl on line but was always disappointed as the girls he met were either not serious or boys in disguise of women. Rabia had no photo and not much information in her profile. Danish responded to Rabia, “it's only fair if he could see a photo of her, particularly as she had seen photo of his“. Once he saw Rabia’s picture, he was immediately attracted to her.

Actually Rabia was the opposite of what Danish was looking for! Danish was looking for someone who lived locally, was closer to his age, and shorter and full. However, she was younger, taller with a petite body structure, yet fuller at the right places with vital statistics of 34 20 36. Rabia wrote back, "I know I'm not exactly what you're looking for…," but talking to Rabia, Danish was intrigued. They had a lot in common. They both loved the outdoors, spending time with kids and family, working on the house. Danish was looking for someone who is their own person, and Rabia appeared different in physical attributes, yet still someone Danish was looking for in terms of personality traits.

After exchanging pictures for one month, they emailed and chatted. Then, they exchanged phone numbers. After another three months, they met.

First date: Married for seven years with two kids is a full time responsibilty and dating was all new to Rabia, She wasn't sure how to behave. She thought, “just be me, this is who I am! She wore a pair of jeans with a casual top and no makeup -- she thought this is how I'm going to be most of the time, so Danish should see me the way I am and the way I will be in the future. Rabia flew to Islamabad on a trip she had planned any ways to see her parents. They met at Islamabad Clubhouse. Danish was the same person to Rabia, she spoke with on the phone. She could tell he was for real, not trying to impress her.

Danish listened to Rabia. It was like they had known each other for years, and they both felt comfortable with each other. Danish was easy with children. That was important to Rabia, as she has two kids, he has one. Rabia stayed in Islamabad for a few weeks and they met regularly. After she left for Karachi, they obviously stayed in touch on line or on phone, but Danish missed her a lot, and he told her so. Rabia then invited Danish to come over to Karachi and he immediately agreed to fly in over a weekend. Rabia chose a date when her husband was going to be away for a week on business trip and insisted Danish stayed for longer, but Danish could not manage time off from work and then he had his daughter to look after and no one to entrust her to. Danish came in on a Saturday afternoon for a weekend and checked in a hotel.

Rabia agreed to pick Danish from his hotel in the evening. She cooked during the day, put the kids to bed early, set a table for two and then quickly took a shower, changed and jumped in her car to pick up Danish. Danish was waiting for her and so they headed back for home. On the way back he held her hand through out the way. On opening the front door, they were greeted by Rabia’s pet poodle. Blackie was a large breed standard hunting dog with thick dark curly coat. The dog niffed and jumped over Danish, suspicious of his presence as strangers were seldom seen visiting Ahmed and Rabia at late hours, he was calmed by Rabia when she told him to sit. Once inside the house, Danish told Rabia, how much he missed her and eventhough he could not manage to get leave from work, but he took this weekend trip just to see her, and then took Rabia in his arms and gave her a soft and romantic kiss. This was their first kiss under the prying and suspicious gaze of Blackie. In all their previous dates, it was all about knowing each other, but this date was to take them one step forward as they both missed and longed for each other. Rabia found herself responding to his kisses and his hugging and what was initially a soft kiss turned in to a passionate one.

It was at that moment and some good four months after they met on line when they realized they didn't want to be without each other. Danish never expected he would be flying two hours to see someone only for a weekend. Rabia, had made taken the first step when she went all the way to Islamabad for her first date with Danish. Now Danish was in Karachi only for a weekend and holding Rabia in his arms. Rabia was already secretly planning her summer trip to Islamabad, which is usually an extended 3 to 4 months long. Her mind was preoccupied with this and million other thoughts, because her love affair with Danish was progressing nicely, but this also meant a lot more complications in her life. Danish was divorced and single so it was straight forward for him, but she was still married and that made it very complicated for her. When she decided to go for on line dating, she was not really planning to get seriously involved with a guy. She was only looking for some frienship and companionship in her dull, boring and lonely life. But now, she found herself emotionally involved and in love with Danish, while still married with someone who loved her but had no time for her.

She pushed back all the worrying thoughts as she could not find a workable solution and then slowly she slipped out of his arms, and made him sit down as she offered Danish a drink. While Danish sat in her living room and sipped on his drink, and her poodle attentively gazed at Danish, she heated up the food in an open planned kitchen which was in the adjacent area. So they chatted while she layed the food on the table. Rabia then invited Danish to a candle lit dinning table as she dimmed the light of the room and as Danish sat down, she started to serve food. Danish enjoyed her cooking and was very complimentary. Rabia thought to herself that her husband had never complimented her on her cooking, although to be fair to him he never complained about food.

After dinner, Danish helped Rabia clear the table and he even washed the dishes. Danish washed the dishes, while Rabia cleared the stuff and cleaned the table and her poodle sat in a corner watching them together. Rabia once again could not help not think of her husband who never ever helped her clear the table or offered to wash the dishes, accept for the initial period of their marriage before the kids were born. Her husband would normally move to the computer after dinner and stay there till late in the night. More often then not, he would come to bed long after Rabia had fallen asleep. If she was still awake she pretended she was asleep.

After sorting out the table, dishes and food, Rabia and Danish settled down back in the living room with their glasses of full with wine, and her poodle followed them. Danish held his glass in his left hand and Rabia in his right arm and he chose the two seater love couch, and pulled Rabia down with him as he sat down. Her poodle also settled down on her feet. Rabia was most enchanting in her conversation and Danish was a brilliant listner through out the night. Till late in the night Danish was holding Rabia’s hand as they chatted, drank and Rabia lovingly caressed Danish, which was punctuated only by occasional kissing by both to show appreciation and affection for each other.

At midnight while still holding Rabia in his arms Danish suggested he should return to the hotel as finding a taxi may be difficult if he stayed longer. Rabia insisted for him to stay a little while longer and offered to drop him back, just as she had picked him up. So they chatted, drank, hugged, caressed, kissed, and laughed more! At 1 O’Clock Danish once again suggested he should leave, but with wine now playing on her mind, Rabia was in mood to part and let him go. As if Rabia was thinking of an excuse, she said, she will be most scared on her way back all alone and suggested Danish should sleep in her guest room and she will drop him early in the morning. Danish reluctantly agreed and Rabia filled his glass and offered to check out the guest room for fresh linen, towel, shampoo and soap.

While she was away, Danish drowsily inspected nothing in particular, the books on the shelve, the paintings on the wall, the family pictures in an album, the collection of artifacts and ornamentals in the room. Danish could not help not notice Rabia’s poodle lying on the floor and continuing to gaze at him. After seemed like a long time Rabia had been away, Danish who was now fairly sleepy, bored and restless because of a long day and the affect of alcohol decided to find out what was keeping Rabia busy. He went from room to room and the dog followed him; he knocked softly on the door of the first room and then opened to peep-in and saw in dim light a double bed and nothing much. He assumed this was the guest room as the bed was turned over. He went next to the second room and noticed it was a nursery, which kids fast asleep. Danish then went to the third and last door and as he knocked softly, he heard Rabia respond, yes come in.

Danish peeped-in and saw in a dim light, Rabia standing in front of a full length mirror with her back to the door and combing her hair. The dog sneaked in and jumped up on the bed, before Danish tentatively took his first step. Danish stepped in and noticed Rabia had changed in to her nighty made of almost a see-through fabric. Danish saw this as an invitation and approached Rabia from behind and wrapped his arms around her from behind, tightly engulfing Rabia in an embrace with her behind pressed firmly against the front of his body. Danish started to softly kissed her neck, back and behind her ears, as Rabia softly moaned with each kiss and touch. Danish lossened his hug only to swirl Rabia around on her feet while he scanned and saw her breasts, areolae, and nipples through the transparent nightie. He paused and gleaned before kissing her on the lips and hugging Rabia again, this time face to face. Rabia could not help not notice his hardness pressed against her hip and thigh.

Emotions were running high and with alcohol playing on their minds it was not before they first came down on the King Sized bed disturbing the dog who was also on the bed. Unpreturbed by the presence of a dog, they eager started to remove each others clothes. While they passionately kissed, caressed, foreplayed, fondled, the pet poodle was also licking Rabia with his long tongue, and then ultimately there was a very passionate sexual intercourse. This was their first sexual intercourse together and it only ignited a burning desire within them for more. As they lay side by side exhausted after the orgasm, where they came one after the other in quick succession (first Danish and then Rabia), Rabia whispered to Danish, that they should move to the guest room as sometimes the kids wake up in the middle of the night and move to her room. She obviously did not want her young kids to see their mother in bed with a stranger. Danish got up dutifully and gathered his clothes and then picked up Rabia in his arms, and she grabbed her nightie as Danish carried her to the guest room as a bridegrrom carries his bride from the altar after they are pronounced man and wife. On leaving the room, Danish ensured he left the pet poodle behind the door, as he wanted privacy from his piercing gaze when he was making love with Rabia.

Danish carried Rabia all the way to the bed in the guest room and after putting her down he went back to close the door behind them. Danish turned and returned to the bed to face her and then took both of her hands in his. He pulled her to him and told her he was glad she contacted him on line and changed his life. Danish took Rabia closely into his arms and began kissing her. Danish had kissed her before this evening, but Rabia could feel a change in his kissing. There was a lot more passion, a lot more aggression and eagerness in his kisses. He was an attractive man and she had a lot of wine in her blood and system, which made her respond equally eagerly. Next he held her at arms length and first raised her arms and then released then raised in the air, he began feeling her breasts and then burrying his head in her breasts proceeded immediately to kiss, lick and suck her breasts.

Rabia was there naked in front of Danish who grinned at her and said, “Nice body” and began caressing her breasts and nipples again making her feel very excited. Danish then slipped his hands down to her waist and pulled her to him so that he could again take her nipples in his mouth again. He sucked on her nipples for several minutes and Rabia could feel some stirring in between her legs. She was thoroughly enjoying what Danish was doing to her. But this is all wrong! Rabia kept telling herself, “I was allowing this even though I am married to Ahmed” and, there were a lot of conflicting thoughts in her mind but she couldn’t help getting aroused!

There had been a number of men before Rabia met and married Ahmed, who had bared her breasts and sucked her nipples and quite a few of them had gone further and taken her panties off and not only played with her but had fucked her as well. Rabia was no virgin and had been fucked lots of times before she met and married Ahmed and when she told Ahmed about some of her sexual experiences he just shrugged and said he thought Rabia was making them up to make him jeolous and didn’t believe her and even if it was true, in this day and age he certainly didn’t expect her to be a virgin when he married her. Rabia, thought of Danish and how he aroused her and told herself, “It was probably because this man wasn’t her husband that she was getting so turned on”, and she kept remembering how she had felt when different men had played with her and sometimes fucked her.

Somewhat in a daze Rabia stood there in front of Danish wearing just nothing. Danish squatted down in front of her and looked at her vagina. Her vaginal lips were showing on and she suddenly felt very vulnerable. Danish then slipped his fingers and touched her cunt lips. Rabia stepped back, more from instinct rather than because she didn’t want him to do that. Danish showed concern and she explained she was not objecting. Danish then slipped his fingers again. Rabia was concious that she was totally naked in front of a man she had only met a couple of months back on-line through a dating website. He pulled her to him, kissed her again but very deeply this time, and caressed her breast and nipple at the same time he moved his hand between her legs and inserted one finger inside her cunt! Rabia was shocked by this sudden aggression from Danish but didn’t move away knowling it could be disconcerting and distracting for him. Danish continued to play with her cunt inserting more fingers and then he began stroking her clitoris. This always turned her on totally and she knew she was starting to cum!

Danish then moved Rabia back from him, exposing to Rabia his long and hard cock jutting out in front of his body. He pressed her shoulders down and at first Rabia did not understand why he pushed her back and now down. Then she knew instantly what he desired, she had to suck his cock! Ahmed wasn’t very keen on having his wife suck his cock although she would admit she had sucked lots and lots of cocks before she met and married Ahmed. Rabia obliged Danish by licking his cock and then moving her tongue around the crown head of his cock. Rabia slipped her mouth over his cock and took it into her mouth about 4 inches. She kept it there and sucked quite hard on it. His cock was probably about 8 inches long and he just continued pushing it into her mouth until she had it all and her nose was in his pubic hair. Rabia was nearly gagging but somehow she managed to pass his cock down into her throat with some comfort provided she pulled it out every now and again to catch her breath. At last she could feel his pumping in her mouth changing pace and as he quickened the strokes, she knew he was about to cum in her mouth. Rabia didn’t dislike the taste of his cum in her mouth, but she had never sucked a cock of this size before. Anyway she managed to pull his cock out until there was only about 2 inches in her mouth as he came. He squirted a lot of cum into her mouth and as he was holding her head she just had to swallow the whole lot. He kept his cock in her mouth after he had finished shooting his cum and she continued to suck him knowing he wanted his cock hard again. He was hard as a rock a second time in no time at all.

By now Rabia felt the urge to have him inside her and she realized that Danish has the same urge. Danish pushed Rabia back onto the bed until she was lying on her back on it; he then spread her legs wide apart and exposed her cute and bare cunt to him. He then thrust his cock into her and continued to push it in firmly until he was totally inside her! Then he began fucking her in earnest! Rabia knew she wanted Danish to fuck her. It seemed ages since she had another man’s cock in her as in last seven years or so, she had grown used to having Ahmed’s cock all the time and there were no opportunities since the kids came in her life. This felt so wonderful she really began to realize just how excited she was. Rabia could feel the strong waves of passion beginning somewhere in the pit of her stomach and extending down to her clitoris. Rabia was having an unbelievable orgasm with this man who wasn’t her husband. She thought she was committing adultery but just now she couldn’t care less - She just wanted to be fucked.

Rabia came with a tremendous, violent spasm and these spasms kept rolling through her body for several minutes as Danish was shooting his cum deep into her cunt! She had just fucked another man and she did it because she wanted him and because her husband could not satisfy her sexual desires and needs. Danish pulled his somewhat limp cock out of her body but her spasms hadn’t yet ceased and she was in a state of breathless shock. Danish leant over and kissed her deeply and told her how much he loved her and what pleasure she gave her, and that there was still one more thing she could do for him. Rabia was almost too wound up with her own orgasm to fully understand what Danish was saying to her.

They made love all night and early in the morning before the day break she dropped him off at the hotel. His flight was in the eveing and she had made arrangement for a baby sitter, so she promised to be back after feeding the kids and leaving them with the baby sitter. She returned home for a quick nap, got up at 9:00am, kids were already up, she quickly fed them and washed and changed their clothes and waited impatiently for 10:30am when the baby sitter was to arrive. Once the baby sitter was home, she explained to her all the details and leaving the kids and the poodle with her, quickly started for the hotel.

Danish had taken breakfast, shaved and taken a shower and was waiting for Rabia. In her hurry she had not even brushed her teeth leave along showering, so on seeing him clean and fresh as a daisy, she made up her mind to have a shower first and then face him. After taking a shower in his hotel room bathroom, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself and slipped a dressing gown over her naked body. As she came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe Danish moved over to her, hugged and kissed her and told her he would make me the happiest woman in the world over the next few hours!
It wouldn’t be exaggeration to say Danish was fucking Rabia within 5 minutes of her stepping out of the shower! He had pulled her bathrobe off, kissed and caressed her and carried her to the bed. He pushed her down on the bed, spread her legs and without any foreplay just thrust his very hard cock deep into her cunt! He fucked her and she had to admit she had never been so excited as at that moment. Rabia responded to his fucking and they came together. They simply rolled apart and stayed on the bed until his cock began to harden again. For the second time within an hour, she was fucked again! She was beginning to like the way he was fucking her and she had absolutely no conscience about fucking another man!

Danish was almost a fucking machine! He fucked her six times before the luncheon meal! Although Rabia felt exhausted she couldn’t believe how exhilarated she felt! They ordered from in room dinning menu and ate lunch enjoying each other’s company. They had been naked all day and he hardly ever stopped playing with some part of her body! After kunch Danish was at it again as if there was no tomorrow. Even when her husband called on her cell phone to find out how she was, and she walked over to pull he cell phone out of her bag and answer the call, Danish was just behind her. While she was talking to her husband, Danish wasted no time and bent her over the chair and quickly pushed his very hard cock straight into her cunt! She was actually being fucked by another man while she talked to her husband! Danish fucked her hard and Rabia had a great deal of difficulty trying to talk naturally to Ahmed. Fortunately just as Danish shot his load deep into her cunt and she came at the same time, Ahmed was telling her about his work and she didn’t have to speak for several minutes! In this time she was able to recover herself and then talk more naturally as she calmed down! Ahmed didn’t even ask what was going on although she was sure he must have wondered as there was some noise as Danish was shoving his cock into her so violently that it rattled the chair! Ahmed told her he loved her and she just grunted and then hung up! Rabia turned around to face Danish and kiss him to show her appreciation and gratitude for the never ending sexual bonanza, and Danish just grinned and said he can go on longer till his check out time if she wanted more of him.

Of course, Rabia wanted him and over the next few hours until his check out time, Rabia and Danish fucked like a pair of rabbits. The only reason they weren’t fucking all the time was that Danish needed some time to get his cock hard again. They were fucking like a newly married couple on their honeymoon. Certainly Danish and Rabia had fucked much more often in those 24 hours than Ahmed and Rabia had done in the first month of their marriage! Strangely Rabia didn’t have any conscience about what she was doing. She now hated Ahmed for not being there for her and her kids, but deep down she knew she loved her husband and would take him back when he returned.

Finally, there was no more time. They dressed up, he had already packed, so he checked out and I dropped him to the airport. On our way to the airport, they held hands and she cried because she was going to miss him. Rabia at the time disclosed her plan of summer when she will be in Islamabad for almost three months. This distracted their emotions as they agreed to catch up over phone and plan their three months in summer. Rabia bid farewell to Danish and they parted with a kiss at the airport drop off area, with porters and passengers being their witness.

Next day they were on line again and in contact over phone and planning their summer together. Eventhough it was April and summer break in June was just two months away, but it was the most difficult and long waiting time for the two love birds. Finally after a long and impatient wait June arrived and Rabia along with her two kids took the flight to Islamabad. Rabia’s sister was there to pick her up but so was Danish. By now Rabia had confided in her sister about her new affair with Danish. Rabia introduced Danish to her sister, who encouraged her to drive home with him while she will take the kids along with her. The plan was he will drop Rabia off at my sister’s place and we will all enter home together so no one will know I was with Danish. However, Danish had other plans. He took her to his place and Rabia had to call her sister to advise the change in plan. The revised plan was that her sister will go to her friends place and stay there till the time Rabia will call and tell her what time she will return. Her sister will syncronize her return and they will enter the house together.

Danish was hungry for Rabia, and the moment they were in the privacy of his home, they were over each other in no time. The clothes were off in no time and they quenched their sextual thirst. Danish then dropped her off only after Rabia promised she will stay with him over night. Rabia called her sister for a coordination and they made a simultaneous entry. After meeting with her brother-in-law and rest of their family, she went to her mother’s place, where she was to find abode over next couple of months. Rabia told her sister about her promise made to Danish and told her she will need her help. Her sister quickly planned out that after two to three days she will propose to invite Rabia to stay with her for a week. That week she can stay with Danish and her mom and other family members will think she is with her sister and her brother-in-law and his family will think she is with her mom. Rabia shared this with Danish and Danish took a week off from office.

When the day arrived, her sister picked Rabia up and pretended she was taking her home but dropped her off at Danish’s place. The little sister helped Rabia carry her bag to the door and Danish asked us both to come in. Rabia’s little sister is pretier than Rabia and Rabia noticed Danish was very courteous and gentle with her. It was obvious to Rabia from their body language that their was a mutual attraction between them. After a short stay and one drink, Rabia’s sister excused herself leaving Rabia behind. Danish had taken the entire week off and expected me to stay with him that long. Because Danish was staying home they were fucking at night too. Neither of them had to go to work or worry about any one and Danish had plenty of provisions so we didn’t need to leave the house.

They remained naked the whole week and fucked as often as they possibly could. Rabia had become a real cum slut and delighted in showing Danish how she had looked after her first fucking with all the cum running down her legs. Danish had an enormous capacity to pour heaps of cum into her when they fucked. He never seemed to diminish his supply of cum even when they fucked several times without waiting for him to recover his supply. Of course Rabia sucked him quite a number of times and enjoyed swallowing his cum too.

They played games, sex games, which Rabia had never played before not with anyone. Danish really expanded her knowledge of sex in a short time. He asked her if anyone had dropped cum into her mouth from a height? Rabia didn’t know what that meant so he demonstrated. He laid her on her back and began fucking her. When he was nearly there he jumped up and stood above her head with a foot on either side. He then instructed her to open her mouth as wide as possible while he jerked his cock until he came. He held his cock, pointing down, slowly stroking it until his cum began to come out of the end. He then maneuvered himself until he was directly above her mouth and started to drip his cum straight into her open mouth. His aim was incredible and every drop landed in her mouth and again she would vouch he cums heaps. It is an incredible sensation when the drops of cum hit the back of your mouth and throat and sort of bounce down your throat! Having just been fucked and terribly excited he made me cum just by dripping his cum into my mouth! I really loved this game.

Every evening when Ahmed rang from Karachi, Danish would be fucking Rabia while she took the call from her husband. A couple of times Rabia thought they had been found out but Ahmed just thought it was a bad connection and carried on talking. When Danish made her cum she had to place her hand over the phone to stop Ahmed hearing her moan, groan and scream!

Danish also asked her if she had been fucked in the asshole. Rabia told him Ahmed hadn’t want to try that but several of her lovers before she was married had tried but just couldn’t get their cocks into her terribly tight and virgin hole. Danish said we would soon fix that. He found a large tube of petroleum jelly in his drawer and came back to the bed. He told Rabia to lie on the bed face down with her legs folded underneath her belly so that the thigh was flat against the belly and knee caps pressed against the breasts and the back of heel pressed against the buttocks and then to elevate the hip by placing pillows under the legs at the posterior end. Because of the regular fucking my cunt and asshole were quite wet and Danish attempted to insert his finger in my asshole but it was tight and impregnable. He then suggested, she evacuate her bowels and return to the bed and we would try again.

When she returned she assumed the same position and again he played around with my asshole but it was still tight and he only managed a little bit of his finger inside her with a great deal of difficultly. He then lubricated his finger with a lot of petroleum jelly and tried again. This time he was successful and gradually his whole finger entered her asshole. It felt strangely nice and she wanted him to continue. He then wriggled his finger around and told her to relax by taking deep breaths. Then he was able to insert a second finger and later a third, with a great deal of discomfort to Rabia but the deep breathing helped her. Next he removed his fingers and scooped out and placed a genorous supple of petroleum jelly into her hole. Rabia’s hole remained open with his fingers and she could feel the cold jelly sliding down into her bowels.
Next he handed over a vibrator to her and asked her to use that in her cunt, if she needed more sensations. Next he opended the petroleum jelly tube and squeezed it hard squirting most of the tube contents right into her asshole! Rabia could feel it melting down into her body and the sensation was wonderful. Then he placed some of what was left onto his very hard cock and placed the cock crown at her anal opening. He then asked Rabia to take deep breaths as he gently but forcefully thrust his cock into her asshole! At first there was difficulty and pain but ultimately it gradually slipped in. She first felt the pain, which brought tears to her eyes and scream to her throat as she tightly gripped his arms with her long nails piercing his skin, but soon the pain was over shadowed by sexual sensations slowly building up and she had an orgasm almost straight away.

Danish fucked her asshole for about 10 minutes - he probably could have held on longer - and then he came right into her bowels. The sensation of his hot sperm shooting in jets right into her body was wonderful experience for Rabia. She had already cum, I think, 7 times in quick succession while he was fucking her asshole but the last, when he shot his load, surpassed all others! Rabia had now really been fucked in the arse and loved every minute of it. Danish was very turned on watching his cum and the petroleum jelly dripping out of her asshole after he made Rabia stand up. Fortunately, he made her stand up in the bathroom and the rubbish dripped into the shower recess and was easily washed away. Arse fucking is really a great experience and we did that again several times before he left, each time with less petroleum jelly and more excitement.

Eventually, Rabia learned to relax enough to allow his cock to enter her asshole without lubrication, only from previously being dipped into her very wet cunt, which was enough lubrication! Once or twice during our first or second day together during the course of our sexual intercourse, Danish muttered “I love you”, but instead of whispering Rabia’s name uttered her sister’s name. First time, she let it pass as an error, but when it was repeated a second time, she confronted him. Danish, then apologetically admitted that he secretly admired her beauty and has not been able to get her out of his mind. I quickly, assured Rabia that he has no ill intention and this is only a recognition of his appreciation, and in light hearted remark, add she will make a good sister-in-law.

That evening when Rabia spoke with her sister over phone, and shared with her Danish’s inadvertent slip of tongue, her sister could not conceal her excitement! She instantly asked, really, he likes me? and blurted out that she has also not been able to get him out of her mind, and that she was very attracted to him and thought he was very handsome. She complimented her on finding such a handsome boy friend and even adviced Rabia to dump her husband. Rabia told her sister, she was only experimenting and had no plan to dump her husband, and in fact if she was so attracted to Danish then she can have him! and her sister eagerly responded, are you sure, because I would really not mind a stint with him.

Another of Danish’s tricks was to have Rabia lie on her back while he fucked her and then just before he came he pulled out and gently pumped his cum into her navel! Rabia have a very deep navel and it has always fascinated anyone who has seen it. She is not fat but she has this deep belly button. Amazingly his cum would fill her navel to the brim. He would then dip his finger in her belly button and scoop up a finger full of cum which he transferred to her waiting mouth. It took a long time before he emptied her navel and she had eaten all of his cum but they both enjoyed the whole sensation. Rabia admited later that cold cum doesn’t taste as nice as warm or hot cum!

On our fourth night, when they were locked in a passionate love making, Rabia asked Danish if he has ever been in a threesome and he immediately snapped at her and told her he does not like to share his woman with anyone. When Rabia reminded Danish that threesum could also mean one guy and two girls, his eyes shone up and this time he was a little diplomatic in his response and said only if you desire, as he would not like to hurt his Rabia. He was quick to add, that he knew no one he could invite for a threesum, therefore, it was entirely on Rabia to find someone if she really desired a threesum.

On our fifth night Rabia felt sad as the time was getting close to say goodbye to Danish. She had mixed feelings because on one hand she had really loved all the attention he had showered on her. She also loved the constant fucking he was able to provide. Although she had been fucked so much, her cunt wasn’t really sore. He was a rather gentle lover and managed to fuck her with tender strokes thereby saving her from much soreness which would have been likely with anyone else. She was, however, a little concerned that on two occasions he took his sister’s name rather than her’s and even admitted he was attracted to her. What made it worse, was that Rubina (her sister) was attracted to him too and Rabia was worried that Danish may dump Rabia for Rubina.

On the sixth day, Rubina as per agreed arrangement arrived to pick Rabia. Danish answered the call bell and brought her in. Rabia pretended she was packing to leave but secretly spied on them. As this was their first meeting, then were both shy and hesitent so there was nothing noteworthy said. Rabia then joined them in the living area and to break the ice started to recall for Rubina’s benefit how she enjoyed the sexual relationship with Danish. This discussion resulted in Danish opening up. Rabia also divulged to Rubina her discussion with Danish about threesum, and they all laughed on the reaction of Danish. Rubina particpated wholeheartedly in the discussion on threesum and showed a lot of interest.

Then suddenly, to the surprize of sisters, Danish suggested a threesum between them as a parting gift. Rabia looked at Rubina who expressed no objection. Rabia knew from her earlier discussion with her little sister that she will be ever so interested. Rabia returned to the bedroom, saying she will fetch her bags. Rubina and Danish followed her.

After a little more discussion, Rubina decided not to waste any time so, with Danish seated on the bed, Rubina put her head in his lap. She could see his thing in the boxers, which sprang up in excitement right in front of her face. It was so nice, so she pulled it out in open, and took a deep breath to steady herself, and then opened her mouth and let the dick fall right in.

The first thing she noticed was that it didn't taste bad at all. And it did feel kind of nice in there. Rubina ran her tongue over it, and found the taste was actually sort of pleasant. And from the way Danish moaned as she did it, he certainly seemed to be enjoying it. Now it was time to suck on the thing. Rubina closed her lips around the shaft and began to suck gently. It really was kind of fun. Especially when she would give it a little lick and Danish would let out one of those moans. But she opened her mouth, and let the now rock hard cock fall out. Rubina almost had to laugh at the way Rabia swooped down and gulped the thing right into her mouth. While sisters were taking turns Danish in return of favour took turns playing with tits of two sisters.

Rabia couldn't wait and just sucked and swirled her tongue all around it. She was actually tempted to beat Rubina to it, and make it shoot in her own mouth, but that was still too scary. So she settled for sucking and licking, and watching Danish nearly go nuts as she worked on his pole. While she pleased Danish, Rubina started to fondle with Rabia’s large breasts and sucked her pussy. At the same time Danish finger fucked Rubina and his hads were on Rubina’s breasts, which distracted Rabia as jeolousy overcame her. Then it was time for Rabia to pull her mouth away and Rubina was back at it. Danish was in heaven. One sister after another working on his shaft. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!

Rabia started to get up, but then Danish grabbed one of her huge tits and pulled her to him. Rabia let out a long, contented sigh as Danish pulled her big breast to his mouth and began to kiss and lick her nipple. That felt so nice. Rubina sat next to them and placed one hand on Rabia’s free breast and other hand on her hips, which then moved to her pussy. Her clitoris erected and burning with sensation and desire. Rubina was visibly jeolous of her elder sister, and she started to suck with her mouth harder, but then realized that there was somewhere else she wanted it a lot more. Rabia froze in shock as Rubina straddled Danish, and then guided his thing right into her pussy as she sat down on him. This had a rejunevating impact on Danish, and his dick sprang back to life as he saw his secret desire to fuck Rubina come true. He was revitalized and started to fuck Rubina ferociously, there was a lot more lust and Rabia was astonished as Danish had never fucked her with so much zeal, fervour and passion. After spending a week with Danish, Rabia was convinced he can’t reject her so soon. She tried every thing within her power to distract Danish, by flashing and dangling her tits and by opening her legs wide apart in his line of sight, but Danish was totally focussed on Rubina while he was banging her nothing on earth could distract him.

Rabia was so disgusted by this show of betrayal and infidelity by Danish to her that she dressed up, picked her bag and walked out on Danish who was too busy banging her little sister.

The summer was soon over and Rabia along with her two kids and a poodle dog returned to Karachi, for a reunion with Ahmed. While Ahmed played with his two kids Rabia slipped to her room and went in for a shower. Ahmed put the kids to bed and when he came to the room, Rabia was freshly showered and had applied perfume to her body ready for Ahmed! She was naked when he walked through the door and she stood there with her arms outstretched waiting for him to take her in his arms. She was so used to being naked in the house one weekend when Danish was over and again one full week with Danish in Islamabad and it just felt natural to be naked in front of Ahmed. He quickly removed his clothes and carried her to their bed.

He fucked her as hard and as long as he possibly could and kept telling her he loved her and how much he missed her over the long and lonely summer. Rabia told him she missed him too and he had better shut up and fuck her again or she would find someone else to do that! It really shook him up when she said that but she didn’t want to let him forget how he had neglected her and her kids! Sex life of Rabia with Ahmed returned to normal, but Rabia secretly did wish he had a much thicker and longer cock like Danish - it is amazing just how quickly one takes a liking to a thicker and longer cock, she thought to herself. She knew she will have to settle for Ahmed and his smaller cock now!

Very soon they all settle in to their regular life and sex life once again deteriorated as Ahmed got busy with work! Rabia was once again lonely and bored, but no place to go. one morning, she came out of shower and was in her room naked sprawling on her bed with her poodle (Blackie) lying besides her. She was lost in her thoughts and her hand patting and caressing the furry coat of Blackie. When her eyes focused on the animal again, she had made up her mind and she clicked her tongue and said, "Come on Blackie," as she parted her legs to expose her cunt. Blackie was lying motionless and his head jerked up when she whispered, "Blackie. Come here boy." She gave a little jerk on his lead to make sure that she had his attention and pulled him closer.

She was almost convinced that this wasn't going to work and was both surprised and delighted when the dog's nose twitched and he buried his snout into her crotch and sniffed noisily. "Oooohhhh," she gasped as the cold nose pressed right on top of her clitoris and before she could react, the dog's flattened tongue swiped over her slit and made her toes curl and tingle. Blackie's head twisted to the side and he wormed his tongue into her cunt. "Oh God Blackie that's so fucking nice," she hissed as her hands gripped the animal's head as if to hold it in position. The act was completely unnecessary however because Blackie had no intention of moving and his long tongue slithered all the way to the bottom of Rabia's fuck tube and seemed to be able to lick everywhere at the same time.

The familiar rush, also caused by Danish, was already building up between her legs and if Blackie would keep licking her out, she was definitely going to cum. The animal couldn't get enough of Rabia's sweet juices and his tongue flicked about inside her hole, pulling her slime into his mouth. The more he licked, the more aroused Rabia was becoming and that meant that her hot cunt was making even more slime. She was so close and she squatted down to give the dog complete access to her hole. His tongue was alive inside her fuck tube and suddenly her cum erupted inside her body. She convulsed wildly and her arms shot up to grasp the bed post. Her legs were spasming and jerking uncontrollably as she took almost her full weight on her arms, and so was her cunt. It clenched around the tongue, forcing more girl cum down her tube and she moaned and groaned continually in ecstasy. This was her first multiple orgasm and the dog's tongue propelled her from one cum, straight into the next without any respite. Her world shrank so that she was aware of nothing except her body and of the sensations flowing out of her cunt.

Despite the length of time that Rabia had been in climax, the little poodle wouldn't stop tonguing her, and if anything, his licking was becoming more frenzied as he searched for the source of the delicious nectar that was pouring into his mouth. Blackie's tongue rasped over her rock hard clitoris, her piss hole, her cervix and everything in between and eventually Rabia couldn't take any more. She groaned loudly as she tried to push the dog away, but his body easily resisted. The only way she could get him out of her cunt was to tightly closed her legs and use her knee to edge him to the side. Rabia was gasping for breath and she could feel that a mixture of her own slime and Blackie's saliva was dripping out of her fuck hole so much that it had run down the insides of her legs, all the way to her ankles and inside her sneakers.

Her eyes fluttered open and the first thing she saw was that the dog's snout was soaked with cunt juice and the hair around his face was plastered to his skin. His long and amazing tongue lolled out the side of his mouth and she smiled down at the poodle and whispered, "Fuck Blackie, you sure know how to lick." Even although he was sitting on the bed, his tail wagged at the sound of her voice and she closed her eyes as she inhaled a shuddering breath and opened her legs a bit further as she shuddered with sexual excitement and her nipples itched, demanding some attention. as Blackie continued to lap up the delicious seepage from her cunt. She squeezed and kneaded her tits, pulling at her hard nipples as dog slobber covered her crotch. The licking animal now between her legs was something quite different however. The dog's mouth felt wonderful on her slit, and she jerked and moaned when his flattened tongue swiped over her clitoris. "Ooooooohh," she moaned, as her hands left her tits and pushed between her legs. She could feel the hot wet tongue that continued to lick her slit and she spread it open with her fingers and turned her cunt into a pink tube that led straight into her body. Blackie didn't hesitate for a second and as soon as her hole was open, the dog filled it with his tongue.

Sticky juice was dripping out of her sex and her pubic hair were already soaked and plastered to her skin. She moaned loudly as the dog's tongue wormed it way up her tube and the sensation of it touching her cervix was heavenly. Rabia was being overwhelmed with lust and she wasn't the only one. Blackie was whining softly as he lapped furiously at her overflowing cunt and although Rabia wasn't aware of it, his thick red cock had dropped and was dripping a steady stream of pre-cum onto the bed. Rabia's body was trembling with lust, her legs felt weak and she was about to cum, and she was just about to say something else when the words got caught in her throat and then vanished from her mind, as her eyes grew wide. The reason for her reaction was that she had seen Blackie's cock! The thick red shaft was fully out of its sheath and was dripping with pre-cum. The dog was ready to fuck and there was a sudden burning longing inside her too.

Whirling around so that her back was to the animal, she gripped the bed post tightly and cried out when Blackie's tongue shot back up her cunt and started licking her out again. Her legs were wide open and her butt was thrust back at the animal's mouth as the familiar rush intensified in her cunt and radiated through her flesh. Rabia's cunt got hotter and her juice got thicker and creamier as the poodle’s long tongue whipped about inside her cunt and drove her wild with desire. The smell and the flavour of her hole were like a drug to the beast and Blackie twisted his head from one side to the other, trying to get deeper into her hole and find the source of the delicious nectar. Despite the fact that her ass was writhing and jerking about, the animal expertly kept his mouth jammed onto her drooling slit and brought Rabia almost to the point of orgasm.

She was so very close, and she humped her cunt back at the dog's mouth until she screamed as a powerful cum blasted through her body. There was no one in the house who could understand her, but that didn't stop Rabia crying out, "Fuck, I'm cumming!" as her beautiful face contorted with lust, her eyes closed and her mouth hung open. She shuddered and shook violently as her hands tightened on the bed post so that her knuckles turned white. Her toes curled and she had to force her knees to lock or she would have crumpled in a heap on the bed as Blackie completely ignored her condition and licked even harder as her sweet girl cum poured into his waiting mouth. She had no idea how long the magic tongue held her in climax, but eventually she had to take a break and allow her body to properly recover. The only way she could control the horny dog was to raise one of her legs and gently, but firmly, push him away.

Once his tongue was dragged out of Rabia's cunt, he sat down behind her and waited patiently. Rabia wasn't looking at the animal however and her body slumped over the bed post as the final spasms of her cum shot through her flesh. She was moaning softly and her eyes fluttered closed again. If she had looked around, she would have seen that Blackie was sitting on the bed with a hard, red cock that was around six inches long pointing straight at her. She would also have noted that however patient the animal appeared to be, his eyes never left the open slit between her legs. Rabia was much too exhausted to even turn her head, however, and she either didn't know, or didn't care that the way she was bent over the bed post was presenting her hole to the dog. Her breathing was still heavy when the animal's patience ran out and he yelped as he sprang up and lifted his front paws until they were on Rabia's back. The surprise of Blackie’s weight on her back made the girls eyes fly open and from the way she was positioned, the first thing she saw was a huge dog cock flashing back and forth between her legs. "Blackie," she cried, "What are you doing?"

At that point, two things happened simultaneously. The first was that Rabia tried to straighten up, but the weight of the animal made her knees buckle slightly, and the second was that Blackie lowered and tilted his hips forwards. Neither of these actions would have been of much consequence in their own right, but together, they lined the thrusting cock up perfectly with Rabia's dripping cunt tube! As soon as she was penetrated and Blackie felt her hot cunt touch the tip of his prick, instinct took over and his front paws tightened around Rabia's body and his powerful hindquarters gave a fierce lunge that rammed his entire shaft up Rabia’s cunt. Rabia screamed as the air was knocked out of her body and she felt like she had been punched in the stomach. Paying no attention to her plight, Blackie was in a sexual frenzy that meant he was treating her like a bitch dog, and not a woman dog walker. She screamed again as the doggy shaft stretched her tube open and the temperature of the cock felt like molten lead. "Blackie," she cried out, "Blackie, get out of me. Stop doing that." As she spoke, she struggled to straighten up or to twist away from the rutting beast, but her strength was no match for the dog's weight. She could move from side to side, but Blackie’s front paws remained locked around her waist and he just moved with her. Even when he was changing position however, his cock never stopped pistoning in and out of her cunt.

Gradually, all the pain associated with the violent stretching faded away and Rabia began to relax a bit more. Whilst her brain was continually saying, "Eweeeeeee, you're getting fucked by a dog!" her cunt was beginning to enjoy the experience just like the first time with Danish, and by pushing her butt back slightly, she was able to change the angle of the animal's thrusts and had his flashing prick stroke over her throbbing clitoris. Blackie pulled with his front paws and pushed with his back, getting a better angle while his hips moved quickly with a rapid piston like movement. The thrusts were so powerful that Rabia's entire body was jerked about like a rag doll and she had to use all of her strength to grip the bed post to keep herself upright. The rutting dog's cock thrust like a machine gun in and out of her cunt and the position they were in allowed the animal to get his entire length inside her fuck tube and bottom out in the deepest parts of her cunt. The tapered tip relentlessly jabbed into her cervix and each touch sent a spark through Rabia's flesh and spine. As if that wasn't enough, the flashing prick was rasping over her clitoris and the familiar rush was already making her body tingle.

Blackie’s cock had swollen to it's full size and it seemed to press everywhere inside her hole at the same time. As she looked down between her legs, the dog's rutting prick was little more than a blur and she could see only a Blackie’s knot and his hairy balls swing wildly as he fucked her. Every last millimetre was flashing in and out of Rabia's cunt and Rabia eagerly took everything that the animal could give her. Her labias (cunt lips) were stretched tightly around the shaft and she could feel them being pulled and stretched as he slid out and then being pushed inward as he thrust back up her hole. She was full of juice, both from the dog's pre-cum and from her own natural lubrication and she could hear the slime slosh about inside her and produce the most obscene rasping noises as she was fucked.

Rabia’s hot cum flowed out of her body and coated Blackie’s knot and balls before dripping down onto the bed and Rabia was cumming constantly, sliding from one orgasm straight into the next. Rabia had only heard of a dog's knot and now through her orgasm, she started to feel a hard bulge ramming at the entrance to her cunt. It was merely a distraction however because the animal's prick was still thrusting into her hole at an astonishing rate and holding her deep in climax. Rabia's eyes were closed and her mouth hung open with a thin strand of drool dripping from the corner of her mouth as her battered clitoris continued to fire thousands of pleasure jolts through her body. Her cum felt like it had lasted for hours and the hard, muscular swelling of Blackie knot was getting thicker and knocking at the entrance to her slit.

She couldn't help but feel it now and she glanced down between her legs to try and establish what was happening. The animal's thrusts were so fast and furious however that her head was jerking up and down in time with the thrusts and she couldn't focus off the flashing pink prick. Just then Rabia felt the pressure of her cunt being stretched open even more and suddenly the bulge or knot slipped inside her. It rammed into her hole, filling her completely and making her feel like her cunt was going to be ripped apart. "God Blackie, what's happening? What are you doing to me?" she hissed as she was stretched open. Blackie’s knot was completely inside her and her slippery juices washed over it as her muscles were stretched apart. As soon as the dog felt her fuck walls grip his knot, his instincts took over and his thrusts changed into short sharp jabs as his knot started to swell more rapidly.

Rabia couldn't help but feel the knot now and lancing pains shot through her cunt as she was opened up much further than she knew was possible. Despite the pain, Rabia was still cumming and the mixture of the two sensations was unbelievable. The knot in her cunt continued to expand but it was now too late to do anything about it. Her tube was solidly plugged and the Blackie’s prick was immoveable. Rabia's head hung down as she tried to pant away the pains and suddenly her eyes flew open and her head snapped up when the dog gave an excited yelp and Blackie’s cock seemed to explode inside her fuck hole. She could feel his boiling hot cum spray into her body and begin to flood her plugged tube. Rabia could feel every spurt and it felt like Blackie would never stop.

Within a minute, he had filled up her tube with his thin cum, and still Blackie wasn't finished. More and more slime jetted into her body and she moaned and groaned as she felt the pressure build. She tried wriggling her butt and rising up on her tip toes, but nothing wound move the knot even a fraction of an inch. Her cunt was completely sealed, and still the spurting dog cock was jetting more and more slime into her. She groaned loudly and her eyes fluttered open to look down at what used to be her flat stomach. Now however, it was bulging with the amount of sticky cum inside her cunt and she became aware of a new sensation that was very difficult to describe. Although Blackie’s prick was still spraying his load, now the pressure wasn't increasing, but there was a funny feeling deep inside her sex. Although Rabia didn't know it, the pressure was now enough to force its way past her cervix and the dog's cum was flooding into her womb. Rabia now felt like she had a bowling ball stuck up her cunt and a squishy wetness that was too low down to be her stomach but was making her feel like she had drank gallons of milk. She had no idea how her body could contain all of the hot cum that was being forced into it, but the one thing she was certain of was that not a single drop was getting out of her fuck hole.

Rabia stood by the bed post feeling completely drained and with an uncomfortable bloated sensation in her cunt tube and her stomach. Her legs were weak and shaky and she had to concentrate on keeping her knees locked or she would collapse onto the bed with the dog's cock still buried deep in her hole. Rabia knew about dog sex and dog knot and perfectly understood why Blackie’s shaft wouldn't come out of her cunt, but the time it took was beginning to worry her. One thing she knew for sure was that Blackie’s prick was now the biggest thing she had ever taken up her cunt, and that it wasn't coming out of her body in a hurry. She tried jerking and twisting to see if that would help, but all that produced was pain and she quickly stopped. Blackie on the other hand seemed quite happy to remain still and his hot breath panted in her ear and she could feel his drool drip onto her back and run down her skin.

Rabia looked down her stomach but could see little except that her tired slit was bulging out and being stretched wide open. Her stomach was also bulging out and she risked moving one of her hands from the bed post and pressing gently on the bulge. It squished and moved under her touch and she could feel that it was the slime inside her plugged cunt tube that was causing the swelling. "Shit," she muttered. "You must have cum gallons Blackie." At the sound of his name, the dog's ears pricked up and he tried to pull back, making Rabia cry out as a pain lanced through her hole. "Stay Blackie," she gasped. "Stay still boy." The animal didn't understand what she was saying and in her present situation, she was in no position to make him obey her. Her voice just made the dog jerk back again, and this time the power of his hindquarters was behind the jerk.

Rabia screamed loudly, but she felt that the shaft had moved slightly and there were now juices leaking out of her cunt and running down the inside of her thighs. Thankfully, Blackie decided that he would wait a few moments before trying again to dismount his bitch, and Rabia was thankful to God for small mercy as she was able to pant out the pain from her battered cunt. As anxious as she was to get the prick out of her body, the pains from her cunt were intense and were making her eyes water. Deep inside her fuck tube, Blackie’s cock was starting to shrink and Blackie was aware of it. That triggered his brain into action and he moved a little, as if testing the bond that had locked them together.

Rabia groaned when she felt the movement, but instead of a sudden jerk, the dog was gradually pulling back and was maintaining the pull. As his shaft began to move, Rabia felt like her cunt was being turned inside out as the knot began to emerge. Searing pains shot through her abused flesh until the knot slowly pulled free and stretched the opening of her sex slit like she was giving birth. The second it was free, a deluge of their combined cum sprayed out of her hole, soaking her thighs and soiling the bed between her feet. She cried out with relief that the cock was finally out of her cunt and that the bloated sensation had now vanished, but her fuck hole felt very empty, and on some level, that just felt wrong. Rabia just stood quietly for a few seconds, letting her body slowly recover. She had just been fucked by a dog and although the thought was kind of gross, and that her cunt now felt sore from her outer lips all the way up to her cervix, she couldn't forget the awesome sensations that the pistoning shaft had produced. She had never been fucked so fast and so violently in her life, but she knew that wouldn't stop her doing it again!

Straightening up and stretching her cramped muscles, she saw that Blackie was lying on the floor with one hind leg raised in the air as he licked his cock clean. She watched the animal for a few seconds, wondering what his prick would taste like, and then turned completely around to look at herself. Her cunt was red and gaping wide open and the normally thin outer labia (lips) were thickly swollen and looked to be about four times their normal size. She stared in astonishment and gently touched herself. She could see into her pink fuck tube and everything was covered with thin slime and glistened wetly. She was so open that she could see her little piss hole and that reminded her that the intense pressure that had been inside her hole had been pressing on her bladder and that she needed to pee badly. Sitting down on the toilet with her knees wide open, she sighed in satisfaction as she watched her yellow waste pour out of her wide-open sex.

Rabia knew that now she didn’t need Danish or anyone else to overcome boredom. She will tell Rubina she can have him. Rabia also knew she did not need to leave her husband for someone else, if she did not get enough sex and pleasure from Ahmed then she had Blackie to satisfy her libido!

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Comment by Maryann Baker on March 8, 2013 at 2:45pm

This was a super great story. I have had Threesomes with my sister(s) on numerous occasions with different Sexy-Ass Well-Hung Black men...

I do enjoy SEX with my Larger Great Dane on daily bases. And he does KNOT me each and every time... He is the Best Lover I have had and am having..

Love and Kisses, Maryann 


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